Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Tacos #TacoTuesday

(light upbeat pop music) – Oh man, so busted (laughing) I have a thing for buffalo sauce meals and I did not know that you were there

I'm eating this buffalo chicken taco in a lettuce cup, but let me show you how you can make this awesome meal with the help of a slow cooker So, it's no secret that I love slow cooker meals They're like the kitchen assistant we all want and need to keep an eye out on our meal while it cooks If you're a buffalo sauce fan and want more recipes with that flavor profile, make sure to check out my other recipes right below this video Make sure to not miss the buffalo chicken dip

It's amazing Plus, you can use this chicken for that recipe Oh, and while you're down there, subscribe to this channel because a new delicious recipe comes out every single week Okay, so back to this buffalo chicken Into my slow cooker, I'm going to put some chicken breast and buffalo sauce

And that's it You can add a little garlic powder if you like or some people add a ranch packet, but I'd rather add some ranch dressing at the end to calm down the buffalo flavor I'm going to set it on low for about seven to eight hours What I love about this slow cooker is that it has a warm setting, which means that when the recipe is done cooking, it will just keep it warm at a safe temperature instead of continuing to cook until I get home from work And you know what? There are two ways to make this slow cooker meal even easier

The first is to put the ingredients for the meal in the slow cooker the night before, cover it in plastic wrap, and refrigerate it This way, in the morning, the meal is ready for you and you just set it to cook all day Another way I cook ahead is by allowing this meal to cook while I sleep When I get up in the morning, this meal is done and I can transfer it into a storage container to cool down while I get my family ready Before I leave, I refrigerate it

And at dinnertime, all I need to do is warm it up and serve So easy, right? Okay, so the buffalo chicken is done and all I need to do is shred it between two forks This chicken can be used in a number of ways, and I have a few recipes in this channel with it, so I'll make sure to link it right below this video But for these tacos, all I need to do is add a little base layer of shredded lettuce, scoop some chicken onto my tortilla and some onto my lettuce cup, top it with a drizzle of ranch and some blue cheese crumbles Oh my gosh, unbelievable how good these are

For the recipe and measurements, check the description box right below this video And remember to look left and click on the red subscribe button A new video comes out every single week See you next time (upbeat salsa music)


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