Shrimp Black Fried Rice Recipe ~ Chinese Black Fried Rice Stir Fry

There are many different types of Asian rice I'm Tess and tonight I'm making a Chinese stir-fry using black jasmine rice

Stay tuned! (intro music) I love a good fried rice stir fry I have made vegetable, chicken, beef and seafood using white jasmine rice At our Asian market they offer white, brown, red and black jasmine rice so today I'm making a shrimp black fried rice If you are unable to find the different rice I will leave a link below in the show more section where you can purchase it online Black rice is known as the "Forbidden rice" or "purple rice" because it has a black purple color when cooked

It is really high in nutrition! The black rice flavor is a slight nutty flavor with a grainy texture Very fluffy and hearty I cooked the black rice the same way as my white jasmine rice I thoroughly rinsed and drained the rice until the water ran clear, completely drained, added 1 and 3/4 cups of water to every cup of rice, bring it up to a boil, stir, turn the heat to low, cover and cook untouched for 20 minutes After 20 minutes remove from the heat and let it rest untouched and covered for 10 minutes before fluffing the rice

Also when making fried rice it is best to make the rice the night before and refrigerate overnight This helps prevent sticking and clumping This is a stir-fry so I'm making sure I have everything prepped and ready I have a bowl of shiitake mushrooms that I'm rehydrating and then slicing I usually discard the stem or save it for making broth as it tends to remain a little tough

For the sauce, I have some water and am adding in some light soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil and a little corn starch for a thickener Giving that a good stir and setting to the side In my pan on medium heat I'm adding in a little oil and my clean shrimp Just browning for a couple minutes and then removing from the heat In the same pan on medium-high heat I'm adding in a little more oil, some minced garlic, ginger and diced onions including whites of garden onions

Giving that a good stir and cooking for a minute Now I'm adding in my sliced shiitake mushrooms, red chili peppers for a little kick and this is optional Cooking and stirring for another minute Adding in some multicolored bell peppers to add some pop of color along with some diced snow peas Snow peas are plentiful right now and I am loving it! Cooking and stirring for another couple minutes

I'm adding in a little water to help cook the vegetables and also deglaze the pan Can't forget to add some more mushrooms! Today I'm using some Asian beech mushrooms that I found at the market Another good stir and in goes the cooked black rice Giving that a good gentle toss, adding in my sauce and the chopped greens of the garden onions, another good stir and then adding in my shrimp and the juices Cooking and stirring for another minute to make sure everything is combined and we are ready to eat

I really enjoyed the different texture and flavor of the black jasmine rice I've also cooked with the red rice and both the red and black rice are a good hearty rice that add a lot of bulk to vegetables and meats That is the great part, you can add the veggies and meat that you like, add the sauce that you like and even kick up the heat with some chili peppers I hope you give this Asian black fried rice recipe a try and enjoy If you like this recipe please hit the like and subscribe button

Rremember to hit the bell next to the subscribe to make sure that you get my future video recipes You can also find me on Steemit, Facebook and at my website Feel free to share this recipe and my channel with your friends and family And until next time Much Love!


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