Hello everyone, I'm just standing here having a nice chilled glass of wine Hey everybody, it's Chris Gibson and today's episode of Cooking With Chris is a dish that I think you're going to love, if you love Greek food, I do

It was actually inspired by this dish this weekend because I went to a restaurant here called Acropolis in St Petersburg, Florida where I live, that is, there food is just outstanding, and I wanted to do a dish that supported the Keto diet series that I have been working on and weight loss and low carb because that has sort of been the focus on the health and wellness part of the channel So I wanted to kind of marry the two and make the second episode about this really great dish It is baked Greek chicken with feta cheese and black olives and it is absolutely out of this world and it's low carb and you can have it on the Keto diet, it's even good cold So we're going to get into that in just a minute What I would like for you to do is please if you have not already, subscribe to the channel, please hit the bell so that you get updates or emails when we have something new out

Also please share the recipe with friends and family, because we're trying to build this part of the channel and I think you will find it just a really great recipe to share and to have when you have people over So let's get started and let's talk about what's actually in the dish, obviously chicken, feta cheese and black olives, but what are the main ingredients, alright let's talk about it First thing you need is a pound to a pound and a half of chicken, obviously You're going to need a cup of Greek yogurt, and that's plain yogurt, not flavored, no sweetness, no fruit, just the plain old Greek yogurt Every store has it, should be easy to find

You want to get some organic olive oil, is what I use, you'll need that You're going to need 6 cloves of crushed garlic if you use fresh, two table spoons of garlic if you're going to use the premixed kind You're going to need a couple of lemons You're going to need the zest and liquid of two lemons which is about 4 tablespoons, you're going to need that If it's a larger lemon you can probably get away with one, but I suggest two

You're going to need a half a teaspoon of Kosher salt, an eighth of a teaspoon of red pepper flakes, and believe me it gives enough of a kick, it won't be too spicy for even your most critically spicy person in the house, that won't eat spicy food, they'll eat this You're going to need a fourth of a cup of oregano, you can use fresh, chopped I use dry doesn't matter but you need half a cup, either way because the dried loses some of it's flavor, and oil, when you use the dried you tend to need a little bit more, but a half a cup will work for that as well And you're going to need a fourth of a cup, and you're going to need a fourth a cup of freshly chopped parsley ok So what you're going to do is you're going to want to mix all those ingredients together, and I will have the recipe in the information section of the video description, so if you didn't write all that down or didn't' catch it, it doesn't matter, we'll always have the recipe and nutritional information in that description box, so just pay attention and listen and then you can go and get that information when the video is over

You're going to need to take all of the, take all of those ingredients and mix them in a bowl until well mixed You're going to put in your lemon juice, your garlic, your olive oil, your yogurt, your pepper, your red pepper flakes, you're going to mix all those items together, your lemon juice and lemon zest, and you're going to make a marinade with this And what you're going to do once the marinade is mixed together well, you're going to take the chicken and again it's a pound and a half to two pounds of chicken, so about 6 large chicken breasts is what this will do if you need to do more double the recipe obviously, but it will do 4 to 6 chicken breasts just fine You're going to take that chicken and you're going to put it in the bowl with the marinade and make sure it's really coated well And then you are going to let it marinate for about a half an hour

I prefer an hour The longer you go the more flavor it's going to have Yes, you can make this up the day before, let the chicken marinate in the refrigerator overnight is just fine, it's going to pick up the lemon and yogurt flavor just fine Then what you're going to do in a glass dish, about 13 by 9 is usually what you need to use, you need to use some cooking spray I use Pam coconut oil or olive oil cooking spray to coat the pan so it doesn't stick

And then you're going to shake the marinate off Not completely, you're not going to wipe the chicken down, just shake off the excess, and lay these pieces into the dish Then you're going to bake them in the oven for an hour at 375 degrees It may take a little longer, you always want to check the temperature of chicken with a cooking thermometer to make sure the temperature is 165 degrees But here is the most important part in the step

You're going to take a cup of tomato basil feta cheese, and you're going to take a half a cup of sliced black olives and you're going to add those to the chicken half way through The reason you don't do that in the beginning or mix it in the marinade, is the cheese will burn So we don't want the cheese to burn, we want it to roast So about 35 to 45 minutes into the baking, the last half hour to last 20 minutes, we want to put the cheese, sprinkle that cheese all over the top of the chicken and the black olives evenly, and then we're going to let it finish cooking What it's going to do is it's going to roast the feta cheese, and it's going to roast the olives and the chicken is going to pick up that extra flavor and extra kick, so this is a delicious easy easy meal

And if you like Greek food, and you like to eat healthy, this gets you on both counts So again, recipe, ingredients, and cooking instructions and nutritional information are all in the video description box below Don't forget to subscribe, don't forget to share and please don't forget to like this dish And if you have questions or suggestions, please always comment in the comment box or ask questions, we do answer them, and we're going to keep bringing you these healthy delicious easy to make recipes, so that you can eat health and enjoy it at the same time, and get the benefits, the health benefits out of it So, do that and a lot of you asked me about this shirt, OK it's Straight Outta Downtown St Pete, DTSP, that's what that means, downtown St Pete

So it's a big, we wear these shirts around here, kind of pride in our city, so that's what the shirt means if you're wondering But anyway, more to come, more exciting dishes, we're going to have some guests on, on these cooking segments, I'm really excited about it, so please stick around and come back and check for more videos soon


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