Roasted Beet Ketchup/Paleo Ketchup Recipe | Episode 46

I'm a bird any other flavors I have very delicate ears hey everybody it's Alex welcome to my kitchen where we only cook healthy food that doesn't suck what I'm working with today is roasted beets vinegar honey an onion various spices so naturally I'm gonna be making a roasted beet ketchup mm-hmm you heard that right this is one of my faves I've made it before and I absolutely love it so I'm excited to share with you guys today a roosting of the beets I've already completed this step because it does take some time all you do is take the fresh beet cut off the bottoms cut off the tops cut it into four throw it on a baking sheet olive oil salt pepper into the oven takes about an hour at like 375 to get them so they're cooked all the way through so you can pierce a fork with it then after the fact you wanna let them dry down dry down they're already dry they've just been in the oven for an hour you need to let them cool down and then we're gonna take the skins off so to take the skins off they really just want to peel the majority of it off once already cooked it's actually pretty easy to get them off and then they don't stain your hands like they do when they're fresh so I peeled these just this morning and I don't have red fingers hot tip so we're gonna get our food processor going then all the beets into the mix so what do you think of when you think of ketchup well YUM probably first word that comes to your mind and more please and yes thank you and please pass the I know that but flavor profile we want to kind of make this very similar to what you would get in a regular ketchup except instead tomatoes we're using beet onion now I'm gonna saute this down a little bit not a crazy amount but really I just want to start releasing some of the flavors and start to get a little bit of that caramelized taste technically probably should have put this in the oven with the beets to roast that would have been a smart idea Alex think ahead small thoughts a pan a little bit of olive oil just gonna get this started then I'm gonna coarsely chop the onion it's all gonna go in the food processor anyway so it doesn't really matter just don't cut your hands right into the pan let that cook down a little bit let's see if I can find the actual ingredients so the Heinz ingredients tomato vinegar corn syrup salt spices onion powder and flavors so we've got the tomato aka beet we're gonna add the vinegar because it's one of my favorites I love the taste profile and it's got a little bit of live culture in the bottom of it so it's a little bit better for your tummy now the next ingredient is corn syrup not my house I'm gonna use just a little bit of fresh honey anticipation anticipation anticipation is making me wait pepper they wanted salt so we're gonna give them salt okay now I think what goes really good with ketchup is mustard duh so I'm gonna add like a teaspoon of that I'm also gonna kick it up a little bit with some cayenne pepper this is optional sometimes what I like to do with spices is I just like smell them and I decide if that belongs in there and this one might say no I'm gonna do a little bit of turmeric three kicks for that some ground coriander again maybe like that much as you can tell I'm not being very scientific I'm gonna put a little bit of olive oil just to break everything up but I in our onion we could call these blackened onions perhaps YUM but on the lid let's go so now we're just going to be doing like consistency checks now it's still pretty crumbly it needs to be ways smoother here so I'm gonna add some more olive oil and I'm actually gonna add some tomato paste here so that's gonna give it the real creamy consistency that you would get from the tomatoes let's try this again scrap it down scrape it down now this is starting to smell really good what are we thinking about the consistency Bert Bert Bert it looks kind of like jello right now it's actually really good it's uh a bit too tangy maybe too much vinegar so let's so lets counteract that with some honey if you're honey gets really dense at the bottom you can heat up some boiling water and just let it sit in the warm water for a little while and then it all break up again and be nice and smooth and we'll do a little bit more oil consistency check number 846 got some ketchup you could leave it in the blender for a little bit longer if you wanted to get it extra smooth and creamy but I I'm totally into this right now okay I've got a certifiable mess here but I've also got some amazing roasted beet ketchup let's see if I can get it into the container and not all over the counter if you have a better way of doing this let me know in the comments below oh my god big container of our roasted beet ketchup this is perfect for dipping with potatoes putting it on your burger you can have it anywhere that you would normally have ketchup and it's really really tasty and as you see super easy to make although it does make a bit of a mess have you enjoyed cooking with me today be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe until next time I hope today is the recipe and spiced up your ketchup see you next time so so to see you ready


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