Recipes With Bone Broth | Thai Coconut Chicken Broth

– Want a quick and easy way to punch up your bone broth? Stay tuned (light music) Hey guys, I'm Lacey Jones for Gratified Soul

And some of you might have already been drinking bone broth for a while and need to change the flavor up Or some of you are beginners and maybe wanna just change it to something that you are used to, like a soup that you like Well today's recipe that I'm gonna give you is a coconut curry chicken bone broth, and it is absolutely delicious So let's get started There are two ways that you can make this bone broth

You can either do it from a store bought type of bone broth, and we love the Kettle and Fire This is their chicken mushroom, and the mushroom that they have in here is reishi So this is very beneficial for you Or you can use to bone broth that you've been making in a slow cooker from home, either way it's going to work with this recipe The next thing that we're gonna add is lots of tumeric

This has a lot of anti inflammation benefits and properties that you really want in your food on a daily basis We're gonna add some black pepper to make that more bioavailable Some pink Himalayan salt to taste Some minced ginger because this really brings out the flavor of the chicken bone broth as well as it's very good for your stomach, gut lining, and tastes delicious Next I'm gonna use the juice of a full lime, but if you can find a kaffir lime, it's even better

That is known in Thailand, and so it brings out a lot of the flavor in the curry dishes and other delicious Thai dishes that you'll get And even better are these kaffir lime leaves Treat these as you would with bay leaves, so once they've cooked, scoop them out and take them out But break them up, and it smells so delicious, and it really gives it that Thai authentic flavor And the last ingredient that's really gonna give it that coconut curry flavor, of course is the coconut milk

I use about half of a can, just shake this up You can use a little bit or a lot, it depends on what you want and the flavor you want and how much fat content you want in your bone broth Now I'm gonna walk you through how to make the bone broth So we're gonna just take this Kettle and Fire Have it on low heat

Pour the whole thing in, this is about 16 ounces, but took perfectly into a Thermos I'm gonna tumeric to cover the top of it Now I'm gonna take the black pepper and just cover the top as well I'm gonna sprinkle pink Himalayan salt all along the top of this as well And if you don't like that much salt, that's okay, but pink Himalayan salt's actually good for you

It's the table, iodized salt that you need to watch out for Next I'm gonna do a tablespoon of the minced ginger I'm just gonna scoop this out You can also use powdered ginger as well I find the fresh to be very good, has all the enzymes for your stomach lining

I'm gonna take the juice of a lime, squeeze all in Next I'm gonna use these kaffir limes and I'm just gonna break them up, toss them in Remember to take these out after we're done with the bone broth And then we're gonna pour in the coconut milk (light music) Oh you guys, this is so delicious

This is one of my favorite recipes using bone broth There's another one coming though you're gonna absolutely love too But this one is so easy, quick to make, so comforting And it's gonna get you drinking bone broth on a daily basis, or at least three to four times a week if you're going for the health benefits and the radiant, glowing skin So thank you so much for watching my video

If you're new to my channel, make sure to subscribe and please like this video And I will see you guys in the next one (light music)


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