Ravioli al pistacchio di Bronte

Hello everyone, welcome to my channel, GreedyWeb if you have not already done so subscribe to the channel and activate the bell that is below the video to always be up to date for i next video today we make the pistachio Ravioli, we need, egg pasta that I have prepared before, I put the recipe up and down for this recipe you have to make egg pasta with: 300 g of flour and three eggs and a little water if needed this is a bit more because then I will do it tagliatelle however, you need pasta egg, we make the pasta first and then let it rest for at least half an hour 100 grams of chopped pistachios 200 gr ricotta, 70 g of Parmesan cheese, a pinch of salt then we would prepare the pasta machine that I have here next to browse and what to do with ravioli I bought this of the Tescoma that I find very easy to use you will see it often because I like to do it then we need a pastry bag to measure the filling in the pasta prepare the filling and start with ricotta we mix it a bit, I recommend it be dry enough we mix it with cheese, we leave a little aside because we have to put it then in the cream add the chopped pistachios, you will need 100 grams for the mixture and 50-100 grams to sprinkle over the cooked ravioli this is the dose for 4 people let's add salt and mix good we fill a sac à poche so we keep it nice ready the sac a poch is full with its stuffing and let's go make our pasta to use this tool we have to dust it with flour, otherwise they will struggle to detach themselves this tool is nice, because, al contrary to the others, those in steel that I have seen around this is two pieces, where you then detach the piece above and you will have the ravioli already cut, we especially sprinkle the yellow part with the flour cut a piece of pasta let's make a dough we flourish it and pull it with the rolling pin, the same size as this or with the pasta machine, I have the pasta machine Imperia and I will do it with that starting the first at 6 and then continuing until 2 at the number two thick to prevent the pasta then when you fold it in two and make the ravioli do not stick, the part above the flourish little while from below we learn enough, so it slips into the car but when we wiil close the raviolo it will attack one part with the other because there is little flour take the tool, we put the pasta on it leaving it soft because it must enter the holes we fill it with our stuffing once filled fold the pasta over let's start first with our hands and then with a wooden rolling pin, for cut remove the excess one, these come off like this see the part below is here and here are the ravioli look how beautiful they are round, beautiful full and we continue we put back our tool we always take some flour let's flour the yellow part and here are our ravioli ready for pistachio now we cook them in abundant and salted water then we heat a bit of cream and put some Parmesan and season them and garnish with a sprinkling of pistachio let's go cook there are 40 for which 10 per person IO: are you still eating raw pasta? As you can see, Francesco eats raw pasta Francesco: ok I: ok now let's go cook them and here they are, we have, cooked in salted water, then thrown into the cream mixed with the parmesan we had left we drain them, put them in the cream and with another bit of Pistachio, garnish the dish I know it is not said but good appetite Did you like the recipe? See you next time DO NOT FORGET subscribe to the channel is activated the bell below the video see you next time In the meantime I'll eat this, good dinner I'll show you the inside Mmmhh, good: D I'm going to dine, See you soon : D


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