Quick Buffalo Chicken Tacos | Week 2 #TacoTuesday Cookbook Recipe!

– Oh man, so busted! You know I have a thing for buffalo sauce meals and these tacos from the Taco Tuesday Cookbook are incredible Check out the saucy, deliciousness

You won't be able to help yourself either, because these buffalo chicken tacos are off the charts Keep watching to see how this epic recipe comes together in a matter of minutes (upbeat, melodic music) (bouncy, festive music) Welcome back to another Taco Tuesday recipe where I'm gonna cook my way, through the tacos inside of my cookbook, The Taco Tuesday Cookbook If you need a copy, grab it from the description box right below this video, so you can make sure to follow along every single week I'm gonna start by making my homemade ranch

Whether you drizzle yours with ranch or blue cheese, you're definitely want to wanna add some sauce So in a mason jar I'm just going to add some mayonnaise, milk, freshly chopped parsley, if you don't have fresh parsley you can definitely substitute dried Dill, garlic powder and black pepper For good measure I'm going to add a little bit of salt And then we just cover our mason jar and we give it a good mix

And that, my friend, is how easy it is to make your own ranch dressing So I'm going to refrigerate this until I'm ready to drizzle it This ranch dressing will last up to five days in the fridge and it's great for salads or acai dip, so have no fear that extras won't go to waste Well I have a slow cooker buffalo chicken taco recipe in this channel, which I'll link for you below, and in an info card right up there These tacos are for a quick midweek meal where you just want to get it together super fast

In this large skillet, over a medium-high heat, I'm just gonna heat up some oil So once the pan is nice and hot, I'm gonna saute one small onion (sizzling) until it turns golden and translucent I love sauteing onions It makes me happy So now I can just add the chicken, which I've already cut into bite size pieces so it cooks faster

Okay, so once the chicken is cooked through, it's time to add the buffalo sauce And then we just give it a quick stir to combine Reduce your heat to low All you have to do is simmer it for about three minutes until the sauce is heated through and the flavor is cooked right into the chicken So I like to warm my tortillas by toasting them right onto a skillet

It make them pliable and it makes them hug the ingredients so much better But if you don't have a griddle you can also do it over your stove, in the oven This is the Laura can't wait to get her taco eating on method So let's get this taco party started by putting some of the buffalo chicken onto a tortilla, toppin' it with some avocado I like blue cheese crumbles with my buffalo sauce, so I'm gonna add those too

And remember the ranch that we made? Well it's chilled and ready to be drizzled Wow, check it out! Saucy, spicy chicken with the buffalo flavor you love, a few bits of crumbled blue cheese Mm-mm, dang! This recipe is from The Taco Tuesday Cookbook, so make sure you check it out in the link right below this video If you love tacos as much as I do and wanna celebrate every single week for a year in our Taco Tuesday series, make sure to click that red subscribe button It's free and it's gonna give you something to talk about every single week

See you next time Everyone loves tacos, but tacos, they just make me happy They make me happy to eat, whatever's in it – [Woman] A complete meal – When in doubt, you stuff it in the taco

It's Taco Tuesday, everyday at the studio


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