Quick and Easy Hummus Recipe Without Olive Oil (Oil-Free Low Calorie Hummus)_Inspired Taste

Hello, I'm Dr Joe of TheDrJoecom I've got a nice quick almost recipe that I want to share with you and It's quite tasty So without further ado, let's head my kitchen and I'll show you how to prepare this nice, quick hummus recipe If you want twenty twenty ideas to better health, you've come to the right channel hosted by the warm and lovely, dr Joe now for today's topic, please welcome on stage

Dr Joe What are we preparing today? We are preparing the easiest hummus recipes ever Okay because I want to make it very easy for everybody so that They don't have to buy hummus from the shops because this is very easy I'm gonna be using the 4-4-2 formula 4-4-2 – what does that mean? We have 4 ingredients at the base Another 4 ingredients for the middle and then 2 more ingredients at the top and that's it So what do we need now? This is the base Okay for the base, we're gonna need 2 Sweet peppers or bell peppers We're gonna need 1 red onion We're gonna need garlic

Alright about 3 cloves there I've got a fourth one You don't have to use a fourth one and then I've got 2 lemons We're not going to use the entire lemon We're just gonna be needing the lemon juice So the juice from lemon, right? That's for the base Now, for the middle layer We got Tahini Okay, Tahini is essentially sesame paste and then we just need 3 spices

So, we've got coriander We've got cumin and we've got paprika That's it Coriander, Paprika Cumin Okay, that's all So, that's for the middle layer and now for the top layer we just need Chickpeas right chickpeas We need two cans of chickpeas These are chickpeas in water not in brine

You don't want the salty water and then of course we're gonna have salt to taste at the end of it Salt That's that's it Really That's the top layer That's the bottom layer and that's the middle layer And so, you know Hummus is one of the easiest things you can ever prepare indeed They're two principal ingredients

It's just the Tahini and the Chickpeas Those are the two main ingredients Every other thing you add Is just to give it some flavor such that, it gets a little bit more tasty That's it So let's start preparing then So as you can see here, the ingredients are ready What I've got here, these are the the bell peppers, the sweet peppers, okay? I've sliced them Everything is going into the food processor By the way, I forgot to mention that we need a food processor in the beginning We are gonna need a food processor And the food processor is what's gonna do the magic? so we've got the Bell peppers de-seeded

Okay, you have to de-seed them as you saw in the clip And I will go the onions sliced We got the garlic sliced and We've got the chickpeas drained You have to drain them Okay, you have to drain the very important because if you put them with water The texture is gonna be so watery You're not gonna like it So they have to be drained as you saw me do there So and these are the spices as I told you These are the ones that go into the middle layer So I like to make my Hummus in layers So the first layer is like I said the bell peppers they're going into the processor That's the first layer

The middle layer we're gonna need spoon And then Top layer: the chickpeas go in last as a top layer 2 cans of chickpeas in there We've got the cumin the coriander and the paprika and we've got the Tahini sauce in the middle and then we've got Sweet peppers, we've got garlic and we've got lemon juice as well as Onions That's it So the next thing now, is to blitz final time That's it Hummus is ready Okay, this is the Hummus It's ready We shall be tasting it shortly

Right! So that was the recipe Hope you enjoyed it It's very easy to prepare If you liked it, by the way, you just need to give it a try Please give it a try Right if you liked this video, Like It Give it a thumbs up

Okay, and Share it with your friends Alright, share the love and if you haven't subscribed Subscribe You need to subscribe The button is right there in the bottom right corner That's it Until next time this is Dr Joe signing out


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