Preparing Another Healthy Affordable Meal: Creamy One Pot Pasta

First things first heat up some coconut oil three cloves of garlic do the onion i like to slice the onion pretty finely because I don't like big chunks of onion also with the onion and garlic two tablespoons of tomato paste halve a one punnet of cherry tomatoes you can always prechop the tomatoes as well so just cook that on medium to low heat until the tomatoes are soft and then you need two and a half cups of milk chuck that straight in and then another two and half cups of water with some vegetable stock powder one teaspoon also you can use vege broth but this is cheaper and it lasts longer one whole bag of penne pasta turn the stove up a bit and just bring that to the boil third of a cup of nutritional yeast really good B12 supplement for people who don't want to eat animal products it's also gluten free even though it's called yeast some baby spinach hit the like button if you want more recipes Search "Ky Lives" on YouTube


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Budget Cooking


Budget Cooking

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