Pasanday Recipe-Thin Beef Slices-Marinated Beef With Homemade Masala Urdu Hindi 2018

in this video i will tell you very easy and simple recipe to make pasandy which spices we will use, how long to marinate and what type of cut is used for this? Assalam-o-Aliakum, welcome to love 2 cook those who are new here this channel is about easy and basic cooking

to get easy recipes do subscribe to my channel by hitting the red subscribe button and the bell icon add yogurt, and also see the beef slices should be very thin, when you but ask for pasandy cut add salt and red chili now add 2 tbs pasandy masala i have made it at home and it tastes far batter than packet masalas you can see the recipe in the card now mix it and let it stay overnight not simply put in the skillete add little water and 1 tbs oil, bring it to boil and let it cook on low flame for 45 minutes meanwhile the meat is cooking let me tell you i have made seven masalas like biryani masala, korma masala, tandori masala, nihari masala and many more

and they were very economical and tasy in comparison to packet masalas see now the meat is done, fry it a bit and pasandy is ready enjoy with naan and riata to see more recipes like this hit the red subscribe button, like the video and share it with your friends who don't know how to cook pasandy


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