Paprika Chicken and Rice Recipe – One Pot Chicken and Rice

what's up everybody this is Lyle with no hippie BBQ and what I'm gonna be doing today is gonna be some paprika chicken and rice or chicken paprikash this recipe was inspired by one of those quick videos that you see on Facebook the tasty series anyway I'm gonna leave a link to the recipe that's inspiring me in the description below but I am gonna change this paprika chicken up a bit and I will note my changes in the description as well anyway we're gonna get medieval on this take a look at these ingredients and we'll get working these the ingredients I'm using for this paprika chicken I have one chicken that's broken down and I have some white rice some garlic that my son is gonna be chopping up here pretty soon I have some Mediterranean spice mix this stuff is so good paprika I'm going with the Hungarian paprika I actually went out of my way to buy this since I thought that the paprika was so much a part of this recipe some mediterranean sea salt light coconut milk I have some thick-cut shallots I have them cut pretty much like that and that's how we're gonna roll and then I have some orange peppers another thing we're gonna be doing to take this to another level is I have a little bit of this chap list right here or should leave if you want to say it correctly anyway those are ingredients we're gonna go ahead and get the garlic knocked out and we'll return first step is just gonna be to season the chicken so we're just gonna go ahead and throw our salt in our Mediterranean mix and I'm definitely going to go heavy on this paprika I mean very heavy and let's just mix this in all right I'm gonna massage this in this looks like enough I'm gonna in the meantime while this seasoning is soaking into the chicken I'm gonna go ahead and get our Dutch oven ready ingredient I forgot to mention earlier was we're gonna need some kind of a cooking oil which I already have in this Dutch oven I'm using olive oil but any kind of cooking oil would be good and like I said earlier recipe is in the description now we're just going to Brown these off on both sides alright guys these are cooked enough got them browned on all five we're gonna take them out set these aside more we're just gonna cook down our vegetables till they're nice and soft this is a lot more onions than the recipe call for work well first of all there's shallots because they're a lot more than what the recipe calls for and the recipe didn't call for these at all you get our garlic in stir this up finish this up and get it ready to go in the oven I have my oven already preheated to 400 degrees split and get our rice in is that a good stir I did taste these vegetables looks like we could use a little bit more salt you could use chicken broth in here as well I'm gonna hit it with a little bit more that Mediterranean seasoning that we have almost forgot that good mix that in with our coconut milk and our wine and just pour it in this container so I can measure it out because we're going equal parts on that and roughly that is going to be about two to one liquids and rice all right now let's go ahead and get our chicken in if you're wondering where the wings are I went ahead and threw those in the oven I just wanted to taste how those would come out as just regular chicken wings all right once I get this in its gonna go in the oven 400 degrees for 40 minutes and I will cover this up we're looking like coming straight out of the oven I'm telling you this stuff is smelling absolutely wonderful I'm gonna go ahead and let it cool down then I'm gonna go ahead and plate it up then we'll taste it and see if this is a winner all right so it's time to get into this now I'm telling you this stuff does smell an excellent already kind of cut a little bit of this out just to make it easier on camera so we've got a little bit of paprika chicken we're going to go ahead and get in with some of this rice definitely happy I went heavy on that definitely happy I went heavy on that paprika this is a winner I'm telling you you've got to try this out anyway if you do try it out leave a comment on this let me know what you think about it see if you like it as much as I do anyway thanks for stopping by the VP barbecue I appreciate it comment subscribe come out Authentic paprika chicken

chicken paprikash


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