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Hello & Welcome to Milly White Cooks! If you love a chicken curry, chilli or satay, then I think you’ll also want to try one of my best one-pot chicken recipes, my Chicken Palaver My lighter take of this African dish is a warming, rich, lightly-spiced, nutty, slow-cooked chicken and vegetable stew that’s perfect for this time of year as it’s both economical on the pocket and full of heart-healthy ingredients that are naturally gluten-free too

This recipe feeds 4 generously and is only 367 Calories, with just 7g of Total Fat and 5g of Saturated Fat You can find more low-fat diet recipes in my healthy eating cookbooks, the links are in the detail box below We’ll start by taking a quick look at the ingredients list, which as always, I’ll give in both metric and American measurements You’ll need: 8 chicken thighs or drumsticks or, like I have, a combination of both These also still have their bones-in, which adds great flavour to the dish, but I will be removing the skins before cooking

Here I have 210g or 7 cups of fresh spinach plus 3 ribs of celery heart You can see that I’ve removed the strings from the celery and I have a quick cooking tips video showing you how to do this I’ll also be using a red onion, a red, yellow or orange bell pepper and 14 cherry tomatoes For the spicy nutty sauce, we’ll need 1 red chilli pepper I buy mine fresh but keep them in the freezer, and just defrost them when I need them

In this little dish, I have my aromatics including a couple sprigs of fresh thyme, 2 garlic cloves, a peeled knob of fresh ginger root, a bay leaf and 1 tsp of chilli powder And here I have 1 tbsp of cornflour or corn starch and 1 lime Now for two slightly unusual ingredients, that’s 2 tsp of soft brown sugar and 2 tbsp of peanut butter, and mine has no added salt, sugar or oil Along with ¼ tsp of reduced sodium salt and 480ml or 2 cups of low salt chicken stock Finally, we’ll need some freshly ground black pepper, a dash or 2 of Tabasco sauce to taste and some rapeseed oil

Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more healthy eating inspiration Now let’s get cooking! So the first thing I’m going to do is prepare all the veggies and I start this by put the cherry tomatoes in a heat-proof jug and pouring over some freshly boiled water I only need to leave these for 30- 40 seconds then drain them When they’re cool enough to handle, I can easily slip off skins then set them aside I’ve also removed the skin from the red onion, cut it half and now I’m going to cut it into thin slices, like this

And then do the same to the celery stalks Ok, you can see that I’ve finely minced the garlic cloves and I’ve also cut the chilli in half and removed the pith and seeds, then I’m going to finely mince this too And I’m going to de-seed the pepper and cut this into strips as well I’m using a shallow cast iron casserole or Dutch oven, and I’ve got this over a medium heat Add 1 tsp of rapeseed oil and spread it over the pan

Then add the pepper strips, onion and celery and gently sauté Once these have started to soften, make some space in the pan and add in the skinned chicken pieces to brown alongside them Now I’m really cross with myself because I’ve somehow managed to lose the next clip of video, so let me just explain what you need to do at this stage Turn the chicken pieces over so that they are nicely golden brown on both sides, then use a fine grater to grate in 1 tbsp of fresh ginger root along with the zest from the lime Add the minced garlic and chilli and sauté everything for 1 minute more

Pour over the chicken stock and add the peanut butter and brown sugar Slaken the cornflour in a little cold water until completely dissolved and whisk this into the pan Add the skinned cherry tomatoes and stir everything to combine well then season with salt and pepper Pop in the thyme sprigs and bay leaf Cut the lime in half and squeeze in the juice

Cover with the pan lid Now you can continue to cook this on a very low heat on the stove, as long as you check it every now and then and add a little more water if necessary However, this time I’m going to pop this into a moderate oven, pre-heated to 160C fan, 350F or gas mark 4 It will then cook in 1¼ hours to 1½ hours mins when it should look this, a lovely thick sauce and beautifully tender chicken Add the fresh spinach and cover with the lid for 2-3 mins until the spinach wilts

Then stir this into the stew, add 2-3 dashes of Tabasco to taste and the Palaver is ready to serve and I like mine with some steamed brown basmati rice Goodness, this looks and smells absolutely mouth-watering! I hope you’ve enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you have You can find more tasty chicken recipes in my healthy eating cookbooks, I have one for those looking specifically for gluten-free, celiac (or coeliac) recipes that serve two and another for those looking for low fat and low cholesterol options and these are available as a paperback or Kindle book from Amazon or as an ebook from iBooks, Nook or Kobo, links are in the description box below I hope you’ll want to watch more of my healthy-cooking videos, like these ones here Thank you so much for your company

Please also let me know if you make this or if you’d like to see a video of any other of my recipes and bye for now!


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