– Hello, everyone It's Barry here

Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen I hope you are well All right, in case you can't hear, behind me we've got some builders working outside our house today Amazing If we haven't had enough of that

But hopefully the microphone won't pick up too much We are making an amazing one pot pasta today It's one pot spaghetti I'm using prawns, ak

a shrimps, but you could make it completely vegetarian You could add any meats that your heart desires So the ingredients, all the full steps and write up has been done at myvirginkitchencom, so have a little listen, and check out there

Let's crack on and do it It's so simple, I don't know what to do for the rest of the video, really I could always promote my new book, couldn't I? Sorry, I am gonna be plugging this a lot I'm super proud This is a one pot recipe, so you need about five billion pots

No, you just need this one big saucepan The prep is minimal, too We've got an onion, which I'm gonna slice with my gadget, and three tomatoes which we're just gonna chop roughly Love that Love that so much

In fact I don't know if this is gonna work Let's give this a go Oooh, no, that didn't work Sort of

Apart from the head bit there Yeah, got a few tomatoes in there But conclusion, chop your tomato I just found another gadget (laughing) That's better, but of course, you could just dice it yourself

To be honest, that is much quicker These gadgets are like taking over my life Cha-ching Believe it or not, as Homer looks on in disapproval, that is most of the prep, all done Easy, isn't it? So get your pan ready

We're using a mixture of oil and butter today, so you could just use your standard oil like normal, or, if you're feeling extra cheeky, you could go all out butter Very naughty, but we're all naughty sometimes, aren't we? We're gonna mix it together, it's gonna give it a slightly nutty flavour A bit more cheeky, let's put it that way All right, so off the back of the last video, you'll know that the hub wasn't working, it now is We're all safe, folks

In goes the oil, and the butter, boom Just let it sort of swirl around in there, begin to melt a little bit Get yourself a wooden spoon ready as well Which, whenever I don't cook using a camera now, I tend to use it as a microphone and sing power ballads ♫ Since you've been gone ♫ Since you've been gone Sorry about that, I got a bit carried away

Now, anyhow, the one thing I did forget to say about this recipe today is a lot of the ingredients we're using is frozen, which often is cheaper at the supermarket You can buy frozen onions, I happened to have an onion there, which you saw me slice that up But if they're frozen, they tend to be already sliced as well, so it's super lazy Got a few tomatoes in there, as you saw with my gadget So yours won't look like this completely

It won't have the tomato in there yet But the onion goes in Wah wah wah, make noises if you want Little bit of pepper from the butt of a Dachshund Mixy, mixy, mix

This is actually some frozen garlic that you can get in the supermarket If not, use about two garlic cloves, which I'm just gonna add that in there, estimate there, about a teaspoon and-a-half Mix that through I love the frozen garlic as well, 'cause you can buy this in the supermarket and you haven't got to chop it up or anything like that and get smelly fingers Let this sort of cook away for about five minutes or so just to soften up and release

Oh my gosh, the kitchen's smelling amazing already Hey guys, is it smelling good? That is looking amazing, folks So we've got our tomatoes from earlier

Chuck those in there Wah wah wah wah wah, that's my official stirring noise now, wah wah wah And then only a little bit This is some coriander that we use later on just to garnish it, but mostly the stalks, a few leaves in there They'll just wilt as well, so stir that through too

So all we're looking to do right now is just soften up those tomatoes Let's give that, I'd say another four to five minutes What I like about this recipe, is I make lots of variations on it, but it's very, very easy to scale up and customise You could add so many vegetables to this as well Actually you could grow butternut squash, I did that once and that was really nice, for sort of an autumnal vibe, oh yeah

Hello, mum – [Mom On The Phone] Hello – My mom's asking me if I want a spray tan If you see my SnapChat the other day you would've seen she's got a pop up tan All righty, that's looking good

Some juices come out of the tomatoes there It doesn't matter that it's wet because we are right now adding in chicken stock You could use beef stock, you could use vegetable stock, you could even use fish stock, it is that blooming flexible If that tomatoness isn't enough for you, that's good, because we're adding in some pasata now, which is really nice, it's got a mix of chopped tomatoes, really finely chopped with basil in there Wow, I'm not sure if you can hear that, it's really loud

This is where I'm really going to customise it Okay, so here you could add things like sriracha, this, boom, looks like sriracha a little bit, it is sweet chilli sauce, so a good tablespoon of that going in there Feel free now to season it, maybe even add some balsamic vinegar, worchestershire sauce, whatever you like Just put your favourite things in there, apart from cake Cake wouldn't be good right now

Okay, another thing from the freezer, these are little (laughing) they look like little green people that you see in the cartoons Actually, frozen spinach, okay So that can just go straight in there, it will thaw out in the heat Fresh spinach as well, it's about 100 grammes, okay, so whichever you go for And a good handful of peas

All right So you can see how frozen they are Randomly, do you know the best way to cook peas, apparently, is in the microwave On the packaging of most packets of peas, it just suggests, best cooked in the microwave I wonder if that's 'cause it cooks 'em from the inside out or something

But I love peas So all I wanted to do is bring this to a boil, and as you can tell, I'm not really rushing because when we're adding the frozen ingredients in particularly, it's bringing the water temperature down Now this is some fresh pasta That's actually linguine, it's not spaghetti, but I tend to normally use spaghetti Believe it or not, the shop didn't have any spaghetti in there

I went there quite late last night, otherwise I get stalked by the people on Instagram and SnapChat True story The good thing about it being fresh pasta as well, is that it will cook almost instantly It only takes about five minutes compared to the standard dry pasta But that would work exactly the same, too

You just dump that in and just boil it a little longer It's still a one pot Remember to make sure you stir all the ingredients right up from the bottom as well, let them all intermingle I'm loving the fusion of colours there In the nicest way, it looks like a posh pot noodle right now, but I just had a little taste off the spoon

Which is a great thing, you can tweak it as we cook It's tasting really good All right, that's simmering away nicely, but while there's still a little bit of water in there, boom, in go our jumbo prawns These have been peeled, by the way, as well, okay They tend to take about five to six minutes to cook through when they're like this

So we're just gonna sort of delve it, is that the word? They're gonna deep sea dive into all that flavour That heat is starting to thaw out already We're gonna let this cook away And it should reduce down, too Can you stop foraging, mate? And you? They know I'm doing a video, they're on the lookout

So all we're doing is letting that simmer away Do stir it every couple of minutes, and I'm not going to season it any more than just adding that little pinch of salt that you've seen Really that is how easy it is We're just letting this simmer through, but as it is like that If you like it a little bit more wet, a bit more juicy, a kind of soup vibe, you're done

Well, as long as you cook your prawns for six minutes I absolutely love lazy recipes, 'cause I can just keep my eye on it and have a coffee While it simmers down, all I can do is do some sort of romantic moment where we delve into the delicious (laughing) one pan pot Look at this, you're in there right now Okay, all righty folks, it is time to serve it up

So straight out of the pan, I'm just gonna spoon, even though I'm not using a spoon, I'm using tongs, the spaghetti on there It is full of flavour in there You see that? So you know what, a slotted spoon would be way better, check that out, boom Pile it on there Loving that

That is, that's enough We've got enough for at least two to three good adult portions there Give it some black pepper Wah wah wah wah wah That is my new noise, folks

This is some fresh grana padano cheese I've actually been offered the chance to go out to Italy and learn how this stuff is made Not 'til November, but I think I'm gonna do it, folks Look out for a video on that That should be really cool

Cheesy, cheesy, cheesy, and then just a sprinkle of coriander on top Now a lot of you guys have been saying, Barry, your presentation's getting good, look at that That ain't too bad, is it? Apart from that bit But to be honest, folks, it doesn't matter what it looks like, it's what it tastes like Oh my gosh, I've left it for a couple of minutes, and the cheese is all sort of mingled in on the top, it's gone creamy

Mmm, oh my word, it's one of the best ones I've ever made Stonkin' And the great thing is, using some of the frozen ingredients, we can actually, once it's fully cooled down, we can freeze it and make it in bulk, or batch make it, whatever you call it So there we are, folks If you've got a recipe request, do let me know down below, I'll give it a go if I can

Follow us on social media for loads of behind the scenes bits and bobs Subscribe for regular recipes and food fun Don't forget to pre order my book if you wish to, and don't forget there is also a weekly podcast which is free on iTunes, Stitcher and stuff, you can download, and people are loving it So, cheers Give that a go, honestly, it's phenomenal


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