One Pot Pasta : Gourmet On A Budget

so this installment of gourmet on a budget is one pot smoked sausage pasta you don't even have to like oil water separately it's really easy and simple so if you'd like to see that then keep on watching so I have half of a link sausage in this pot and I just have it on medium high heat we're just going to get it round up the 24-ounce can punch roasted garlic and onion pasta sauce and I'm just going to open this up and get it ready to put in the pan servings with rice spaghetti noodles here and I'm just going to break them in half so that way they will fit into our pot easier and we're going to add about a cup of water and all that pop this off and we're gonna cover it and let it cook for about half an hour on the medium to low heat and that is going to be our one top pasta just about this is all browned up so what I'm going to do that is I'm going to add the broken up up top so just strip to the pan add my cup of water and my pan of pasta sauce like I said we're just going to cover this and it could be on medium low for about half an hour 40 minutes and that's how easy is it is there's no boiling water there's only one pot and it's going to turn out delicious your stirrer which is often submerged the lid on it guys we're to cook here's our one pot smoked sausage pasta just took the lid off and it looks like it's ready to go look how easy that was really easy for like dinner you know when you work late or whatever and it's super cheap oh let me just just sum up in her oh sorry steamy camera there we go hope you guys enjoyed and don't forget I upload a gourmet on a budget every Saturday and Tuesday just go check out my new Facebook page subject glam babe and you guys have a good day and don't forget if you see my hope my head floating around somewhere go ahead and click on it to follow me thanks guys spice


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