Moroccan bissara -easy, simple and delicious recipe

Hi, welcome to Moroccan cooking with fifi Today I’m going to show you how to make a staple Moroccan dish called bissara Bissara is a thick soup made of dried small peas and we eat it even as a soup or as a dip with bread especially during cold weather Today I’m going to show you how to make it in a simple easy and delicious recipe So let’s start 500 gramme of dried small peas 3 garlic cloves In boiling water add the dried small peas and garlic When the peas start making this mousse remove it with a spoon Cover your cooker and let the peas cook on medium-high until the texture becomes so soft that you can pure them easily So, as you see the peas becomes soft Let it until a little cool Now, add the peas in mixer than add the spices add, 1 t s of cumin, 1 ts of paprika and salt and pure The small peas until you get a smooth texture than put it over the fire until boiling As you can see the consistency of bissara is very smooth however you can adjust it to your taste if you want it to be more liquidy add hot water and mix it with bissara Otherwise if you want it to be thicker like a dip then boil it with less water This is the perfect consistency for me Serve the bissara hot in a bowl or in a dish where you drizzle cumin and paprika on top of it And add olive oil Bon Appétit If you want to see more about Moroccan cooking please subscribe And click on the bell button to get you all new


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