Millennium Sauce Crispy Quails – Chinese Style – Morgane Recipes

Around a game of mahjong, Chinese people like eating crispy quails But what is the secret to making these small game flavoured crisp and tender? Cut the quails lengthwise

For the millennium sauce, I invite you to watch my video that explains how to make it Bring it to the boil When the sauce boils, put the quails Let them simmer over low heat with a lid for 30 minutes In the end the quails will taste and be very tender

Return them halfway through cooking After 30 minutes, remove them and let them dry on a rack for 2 hours Put them in a very hot oil for 6 to 7 minutes Remove them and let them drain for 5 minutes Filter the millennium sauce once cooled, then keep it in the freezer for the next recipe

With each new use, it acquires more and more taste Bon appétit ! Thank you for watching and sharing my video See you at the next homemade dish


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