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You are watching Food Diary & today's recipe is Mexican Salad Mexican Salad is very healthy, nutritious and very tasty to eat Lets start making Mexican Salad i have taken a cucumber i have used cucumber with its skin As there are many nutrients in its skin Wash it well before use chop it finely Place all the chopped ingredients in a bowl i have taken a tomato a medium sized tomoto i will chop it and will add it into the same bowl if you have kidney stones, please remove the seeds & use it i have used with the seeds i chopped it & will add it to the same bowl now i took yellow bell pepper Take what ever is easily available please include bell pepper in the salad, whether yellow red or green i have taken all three colors Bell pepper are rich source of Vitamin A, B and C It is good for your eyes , skin & essential for your nervous system i have taken green bell pepper i will chop it if seeds are too many, we can discard the seeds mostly bell peppers have fewer seeds & can be included i have taken small red raddish it is available for salad it is small , red in color i am using it with skin wash it well before use Radish is good for Liver , Stomach & aids in digestion now i will add oregano it is fresh oregano, yo can use dry, if fresh not available i chopped them & included them in bowl now i will take purple cabbage i will take half i will chop it in small pieces Purple cabbage is good for bones & reduces the risk of osteoporosis i didn't knew this before

Now i know the health benefits , so i include it in my salads i will use an onion chop it into small pieces Raw onion is beneficial to health Raw onion reduces the bad cholesterol & keeps the heart healthy Any infection of inflammation in the body, raw onion heals it i have taken an avocado Avocado is an unique fruit All fruits have carbohydrates but avocado is the fruit which is high in healthy fats it reduces cholesterol it is rich in potassium Our diet these days , include less of potassium avocado is a very high source of potassium it should be included in our diet Benefits of potassium include benefits for hyper tension or Blood pressure it controls the blood pressure as well i will use mint i have used half bunch or less than half bunch remove the thick stem , chop the leaves & include in bowl all the ingredients are chopped now we will add 1 cup red kidney beans i boiled it with salt & included it i will toss it thoroughly now we will make the dressing the dressing is simple 2 tablespoon extra virgin Olive oil Add quarter tea spoon black pepper quarter tea spoon salt and 1 tea spoon brown sugar you can use honey in place of brown sugar now i will add lemon juice around 2 table spoon 1 lemon juice is added in it after adding lemon juice we will take 3 to 4 garlic cloves mince it & add it i have used garlic press to mince if you want you can finely chop it or you can add garlic paste, around half tea spoon Garlic enhances the flavor Garlic is beneficial for health in raw form, garlic has active ingredients which reduces the cholesterol & reduces the hyper tension if you use garlic, than use it in the salad if you do not use garlic, than you can omit it Mix the dressing well & pour onto the chopped salad i am adding quarter cup feta cheese if you do not like feta cheese than you can use Parmesan or any other cheese Healthy Nutritious Mexican Salad is ready You can serve along with any dish i have taken pita bread Hope you have enjoyed the recipe Do share your experience in Comment's section If you like the recipe, do subscribe to the channel [Food Diary] Until next time Eat Healthy, Think Positive & Speak Positive And be Happy Because mind is every thing, what you think ; you become


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