Mexican Potato Skins – Cheese Loaded Potato Boat – Fusion Recipe For Kids Tiffin Box

Well today your child is gonna travel to Mexico Because we're going to make loaded potato skins, this is a Mexican dish but it's gonna get a lovely beautiful healthy twist I'm not going to deep-fry it, I'm gonna bake it So come lets see how to make "Har Din Naya Tiffin Har Din Empty Tiffin" Well this recipe is actually very tasty

I have got boiled potatoes I've cut them and then boiled them So all we have to do is just gently spoon out the center of the potato Now I'm not going to throw the inside of the potato mixture because we're gonna use it as the stuffing I'm going to just drizzle this with a little bit of oil and some salt and pepper It gets a little little light crispness some pepper and some salt Now all of this goes inside the oven gets nicely crisp and at about 180 degrees for about 6 to 8 minutes Well till the time the potatoes are getting nicely brown and crisp in let's make the stuffing for the potatoes Again very simple I'm gonna saute some onions in butter some onion and a little bit of chopped garlic Always season your food at all stages

Salt, some pepper and then I have some chopped spring onion greens, which I'm gonna add some chopped coriander The potatoes which came out of the shell go right in and then I'm adding some fresh bean sprouts At this stage I want to add some lovely Kissan tomato ketchup This ketchup is going to give a great replacement for the tomatoes because we're not gonna add tomatoes at all and obviously the zingy nice, tangy flavor of the ketchup is gonna lift the dish up Finally a little bit of cream and then the flames off Alright I'm done I hope the potatoes are done as well Let's go check it

The skin has become nice and crinkle which means even everything is cooked and it's a little bit crispy Now I'm gonna just load this with the stuffing Cheese and this in the oven for another 3 to 4 minutes The cheese is gonna nicely melt it's gonna become beautiful Well I'm sure the potatoes are nicely gratulated as in the cheese is melting little of freshly chopped coriander Ready for the tiffin There you go Some nice healthy peanuts to snack on, freshly cut pineapple Stunning dish, International dish for your everyday tiffin


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