Mexican Burritos Recipe – How To Make Indian Style Burritos – Healthy Recipe For Kids Tiffin

Hi everyone and welcome to Kissan tiffin timetable I'm rush me and I'm a mother of 2 school going kids

Now I know how hard it is for us moms to think of something new every single day for our children tiffin and that's why we have put together 200 recipes for 200 school days Today we're going to make a Mexican burrito Now this is one recipe which scores very high on the simplicity chart as well as on the nutrition chart So you've got both going it's extremely delicious

So come along and let's see how to make "Har Din Naya Tiffin Har Din Empty Tiffin" Now for this recipe I'm going to heat about two tablespoons of oil So I'm gonna turn the burner on, put in a little bit of oil So I've got one medium onion which I've chopped fine Add about 2 garlic pods that are finely chopped Now once it starts to get a little translucent, you're going to add cumin powder about 1 teaspoon

and 1 teaspoon of red chili powder Now if you have paprika you can add that some smoked paprika I'm going to now add 2 tablespoons of Kissan tomato ketchup So the tomato ketchup is going to give this dish very nice flavor and it's also gonna help you know get the onions caramelize just a slight bit, before I add 1 puree tomato Now the thing is I don't want to add too much of tomato because then it becomes very runny and you don't want your burritos to soak through

Now just be careful when you're adding the salt because the ketchup has a little bit of salt So you might want to just take 1/2 teaspoon of salt and just put it in and then maybe add a little more So once you see the oil separating from the tomato and the onion mix, you know you're ready to put your boiled rajma in Now I have a cup of soaked and boiled rajma So the burrito filling is done and it's not too runny because I haven't used any water

So I'm ready to make my burrito I'm taking a whole-wheat roti I'm going to add a little bit of ketchup at the base Just spread it out a little bit and now I have some leftover rice in the fridge, which I'm going to add to this Just a little bit of rice at the base will work well

and to this I'm going to add the filling You just have to flatten it a bit some coriander leaves I have one cup of hung yogurt, I'm going to spread it over this and on top I'm going to sprinkle some grated cheese and all I have to do now is just give this a nice fold over So I take it at both these ends and it's pretty much like a little neat little parcel Now I'm ready to fill in the tiffin It's very easy to handle, to this we're going to add some sides There's a nice roasted chana in the tiffin box today, papayas on the house

So we add a bit of that


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