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Metabolic Cooking David Karen from that of all the Metabolic Cooking that guy wearing ottawa right now where we live in the moment and today we're gonna talk to you about test yes space one of the first test object that we have for diwali cookie so she was one of the first person to try and so we asked to do a little hole video to talk about this story and how she pretty much transform my body which pic of politicking name is test I'm 26 years old i'm from north of Toronto little place called georgia ave I work for the public health agency in an office job and I was one of David captain's first test subjects for the metabolic cooking so before David can approach me to be a test subject for metabolic cooking i had followed lots of diet none of them worked there just complicated and kind of hard to follow I was working out a time like hours a day and not seeing any results and that was really frustrating for me inside I felt like all my efforts were being pushed down the drain because my diet wasn't great I had this problem areas the hips you know the thighs I wanted this nice guidelines that all we want but I just couldn't get there David get in first approached me because they were developing a new cooking approach and they need some test subjects so they asked me if i wanted to try it out and at that point I had nothing to lose so I said sure the first thing that I noticed about David Cameron's new recipes for that they were really good like they tasted like Metabolic Cooking great didn't taste like diet foods they're super easy to make really time-efficient which is good because I have a full-time job I have a dog i go to the gym i'll just like every other person I didn't have a lot of time to devote to this there are lots of options to choose from so i didn't really feel like I was dying it just felt like i was eating regularly the metabolic neutral profile was awesome that really helped me to stay on the diet and I started seeing results really soon I mean like within a week or so I started seeing changes in my body I can feel the difference i can see how the cause and effect was taking place between know the difference of food that i was eating so life after metabolic cooking while I dropped about 30 pounds in 12 weeks my problem areas starting to go away i finally got that nice a blind that everyone's looking for that I was looking for and I found that my body just started to respond to food so much more efficiently feel like my metabolism is always read now I can eat more food but stay in good shape I feel like it really just fix my metabolism so David captain wanted me to show you an example of some things that I eat on a regular day of Metabolic Cooking follow me into my kitchen here we have some apple oatmeal bars i have this for a snack and sometimes jonel dip into them to later on we're going to be watching a movie so we made some kale chips using Dave's metabolic thermo charge special ingredient for breakfast i'll have like a breakfast burrito for lunch will have maybe some asian turkey burgers i like this one so i have them a couple times a week for a lunch while snack i'll have a cinnamon chai latte which actually pics above the starbucks Metabolic Cooking version it's so much healthier and it actually tastes really good for general have like a Spanish steak or something making me kind of hungry dog with all this food Metabolic Cooking yeah so that's it that's my story that's how i got involved with metabolic cooking and now actually even John has started cooking too and is starting to see results so that's it thanks so much for stopping by Metabolic Cooking see ya


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