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Metabolic Cooking hi guys Dave from McCauley cookingcom my better half currying the in kitchen queen and Metabolic Cooking you're here today with our good friend adam steer best bodyweight cool calm is doing great with Metabolic Cooking yeah it all had to have you at the place exactly how much shapeshifter media central alright a two-day we were having coffee this morning and we kind of came up with a really good recipe called metabolic cookiung and we decided to add it last minute to the metabolic cooking a package and it was in fact yes I for one of your rights not gonna fly i mean i was going to say if you've been hanging around for a while you know through Ryan that I have a bread addiction but i also have a serious coffee addiction so we're hanging out over are at midmorning espresso this morning talking about the thermal church shakes and I said well we need a thermo chino so thermochim know we were heads together and we came up with this awesome recipe and the Metabolic Cooking terminal was born there is all now so just like any other metabolic furthermore charge metabolism smoothies Metabolic Cooking recipes that we have this one has all kinds of makeup all like using Metabolic Cookbook properties so we can start basically like the base ingredient to a thermal chino so we have a couple of you have a Cheeto ok got a lot of pressure we have been brewed are captured i set up to express so that we were actually it's called expressway now and it was telling you it's gonna be a thermogenic exactly because this we need to be called Metabolic Cooking we have ice cubes about 5i think those months that don't pretend okay that's fine so we have the ice cubes cool thing with ice cubes it's just like Faison your dad thermogenic effect as well is actually just like for example people Hughes I think like hold back go back that in order like to reduce their body heat very much and that way your body has to kind of fight and kind of burn more calories and use more energy to bring the the heat the body back up to normal so that's the turbojet effect of Metabolic Cooking ice and that kind of that is the same thing with ice kinda because of the cold your body has to find a little bit more brings that use a little more energy in order to bring that by temperature normal state I mean it's in addition of little things that we use in our shakes you know that created an apology affect not just the ice or spices we use other proteins combination of everything that make it makes it a metabolic turbocharged and like we're talking about earlier you know if you're doing everything else right you might as well use these little metabolic cookbook tricks that will push you that much further ahead Metabolic Cooking every time you use exactly stuff so the more you had it you know the addition of metabolic cookbook all these meals and shakes and tricks is going to help you up in boosting your metabolism metabolism you unwrap next ingredient we have some Greek yogurt if you don't have that in a quarter cup of Greek yogurt actually love making a high protein and it had that texture that sure dreamy yeah perfect yeah she'll equals Metabolic Cooking cream yeah so a little bit of a great or it's Metabolic Cooking is going to add that creamy texture to it yeah Tom now we have a little bit of seven so about always a pinch of cinnamon for most recipes but you can use as much as you want is it's not kind of super spice that you can add to your Metabolic Cooking recipes and that actually multiple virtues it's really good to r2 level in your blood sugar levels it's going to boost your immune system as well many many other like healthy properties in Metabolic Cooking that is going to help you and Metabolic Cooking make your body more healthy healthier basically and help you burn more calories on the long run because I mean a healthy body equals better than topic functions equals more fat burning basically that's a simple that kind of super spicy you can use with Metabolic Cooking and everything 80 screams well yeah alright so we had that segment of Metabolic Cooking now Steve yeah Adams favorite he has a sweet through two years natural sweetener alright like it submitted a plan to split baby it's me from the plant and adam as sweet and that thing super sweet so just like half a teaspoon i think i actually have two swings a lot if they taste but isn't that how do you like too much Metabolic Cooking yeah just like yeah but like that yeah hi one-third between teaspoon I mean it's very sweet and usually pitches enough like a more stressful piece you can add on that around inches now if I was not around we just use it effectively just did a bit of stevia was around we use like half a teaspoon yeah but it's very sweet and I have to use much to give a little love little more a to get any more sweeter sweeter saw there you go see the last but not least we got protein powder here my favorite type of protein for every brain i smooth from Bluestar it's very Metabolic Cooking high-quality protein and it's very likely the protein content for school today heights 30 grams of protein and actually Adam and I are pretty good relax with the owner we know I'm pretty well so we going to trust the quality of Metabolic Cooking that brand Metabolic Cooking and quality so and tastes really good protein flavors because and about 30 grams of protein the thing with protein part of the one of these Marmite macro nutrients your body is going to burn more calories digesting protein that's gonna help as well using the calories and burn more body fat so at Metabolic Cooking we added the ice and we're going to use super blendtec blender just to smooth a Metabolic Cooking check this out the speed can it change automatic things ok and the funny thing I hadn't received that his new blender couple days ago and he's been actually testing Metabolic Cooking pretty much all of our competition smoothies trying this new blender so that's pretty funny to see him going house like doing like four shape but for smoothies a day so when you get metabolic cooking we don't worry all the smoothies have been tested their body weight course providing yeah right look at that nice creamy Metabolic Cooking it's beautiful thank you very much sir chairs the 1300s Metabolic Cooking it takes like it captain she kind of the texture can refill the cinnamon and oh my god it's perfect Metabolic Cooking Metabolic Cooking that's right i love this i think all anyway the thermal Gino guys years


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