Meal Prep Mania! Healthy Summer Recipes!

hey guys welcome back to my channel it's Friday and another rendition of meal prep mania so I have three healthy new recipes for you this week you know they all involve either the grill or on the stove it's been hot on the East Coast it was hot there was a heat wave and I came back to the west coast it was hot there was a heat wave so these are all stay cool you know delicious recipes so first I'll start with the one on the stove and it is taco spaghetti so growing up you ever have any Hamburger Helper this is a healthier version of that so it's beefy cheesy goodness I use lean organic ground beef I buy mine at Costco I use lite shredded cheese I use spaghetti squash so just making this a healthier version of that childhood favorite there's a couple options that you can do here you know if you don't like the spice there's a little spicy you can get rid of the fire roasted tomatoes and use regular diced tomatoes get rid of the jalapenos just take out the cayenne pepper from the taco seasoning spice so those are a few ways that you can de spice it if you rather not use spaghetti squash or you can't find it this week you know you can use regular pasta I used whole wheat rotini I actually made this two times so the first time I made it with the spaghetti squash in the second time I made it in the instant pot with the whole-wheat rotini so I head to BrieOCDcom for both of those options you know there's so many options to these things and I'm just trying to give you the whole gambit of them so in the instant pot with pasta with spaghetti squash however you like it next up chicken skewers or chicken kebabs so I have been eating these for years and somehow never made them myself so I went on Amazon I bought the 17 inch skewers I will put the link in the description below because they were pretty awesome you know reusable they didn't get hot on the grill and these skewers were delicious so in their completely customizable so I used chicken with a teriyaki Marinade and different veggies you could switch it up to whatever veggies you want you could switch it up to whatever meat you want or shrimp or beef sky is the limit on these but head to BrieOCD

com to get my chicken skewer recipe you know and just beware a hot tip pro tip from the rookie here cut the onions big enough because I almost severed my hand like five times fifty times trying to get those onions on to the stick because I took them a little too small so pro tip cut them at least an inch wide each way so that for the ease of getting them on the stick so these are gluten free you can use I'll put a link in the description below I sent a link to another person's recipes they have a whole list of gluten free marinades that you can use or you can find a gluten free marinade in the store or make your own so there's different options for you there the next up is grilled pineapple so I went to a barbecue probably a couple months ago now and they were grilling pineapple and I'm like whoa hold up it was delicious so I'm like I'm gonna try to recreate this so I've just used some brown sugar butter cinnamon and you literally you know cut the pineapple into Spears throw them on the grill and base them with this you know brown sugar cinnamon glaze they were delicious when it was hot because I couldn't wait till it cools off it tasted like apple pie somehow miraculously tasted like apple pie when it was cold it was refreshing delicious and you felt like you were indulging so it was you know it could be a sweet treat it could be a great side the perfect thing with the chicken skewers is both of these take about 10 minutes on the grill to cook so you can do them simultaneously and bada-bing bada-boom you have a great dinner for yourself but again you can make this grilled pineapple as a dessert as any side you want and then we also did the tried and true salmon that we do in the foil pack on the grill you can head to BrieOCDcom for that recipe as well as cauliflower hash so we did the grilled salmon and cauliflower hash for our third meal for this week so I hope you like this head to BrieOCDcom subscribe to my channel and give me a thumbs up please meal prep mania


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