Masa para Tamales Rojos de Puerco / Mexican Red Tamale Dough Recipe

Hello everyone, welcome back to Delicioso My name is Julieta

This time we will prepare corn dough for red tamales; it is very easy to prepare In a previous video we prepared pork tamale stew and this time we will prepare the corn dough, we will fill them out, cook and enjoy the tamales The ingredients we need for these tamales will be the following: The tamale pork stew that we made We will also need 2 pounds of corn tamale flour 1 bag of corn husk; this is a pound 1 pound of lard, The red sauce we reserved when we prepare the pork stew We will need 1-1/2 to 2 tablespoons

Salt to taste and we will need about 6 cups of the broth where we boiled the pork The first thing we are going to do is put the corn husk into water; for this I will put water in a pot on medium heat, And in this hot water we will soak the corn husks Try to separate them If they don't stay down you can put something heavy on them so they stay in the water It may be the stone mortar To prepare the corn dough in a bowl we will add the cornmeal, I will add a tablespoon of salt and will start mixing and after mixing up for 1 to 2 minutes we will start adding the pork broth

It is important that the pork broth is hot If you can not mix it with your hands because the broth is very hot you can use a spoon; but it is very important that the pork broth is pretty hot I added 6 measuring cups of broth I will mix a little more and now we will start adding the red sauce I added 1-1/2 spoon Let's start mixing everything the corn dough it must be light red as you can see there is almost nothing left of red sauce; If you want you can add the rest The more red sauce you add the darker the dough it will be

I will leave it like that and once we have mixed everything very well, we will add the lard Lard is always the last ingredient that we will add And we will mix everything very well And once we have been kneading for 5 to 8 minutes, Do not worry if the dough is very soft; so it must be

You can try it to see if it needs salt I already taste it with the tablespoon of salt that I added was enough; but here it depends on your taste And now let's fill the tamales I have here and pork stew, the corn dough and I already took some corn husks from the water Also I have a tortilla press and a plastic bag; this is what I will use

Traditionally the tamales were made spreading the dough with a spoon over the entire corn husk; but now what is usually done is grab a corn husk, put a spoon of dough in the center of it and spread it with the tortilla press It is much faster; especially for people who make a lot of tamales, like in Christmas or in any holiday This is a much faster way After you will add a little meat, in one of the sides, We will roll it up We close the end of the tamale and we turned down this part

And we will do this same process with all the dough that remains Here I finished filling all the tamales Altogether I filled 7 dozens with 2 pounds of corn flour To place the tamales in the steamer I already put the grid and let's do this With the first tamales we will form a triangle on the bottom

This is important because this will make the tamales stay slanted We are going to place the next tamales with the open side up; like this Remember to put this part down when you put them in the steamer When we finish placing all the tamales in the steamer, we will add hot water until we reach the height of the steamer grid In my case my steamer needs 2 liters of water The water has to be hot

You need to check how many liters of water needs your steamer to reach just below the grid Since we have added the water, let's put a plastic bag on top And on the stove, over medium-high heat, let's put the steamer We're going to cover it and we will cook the tamales for an hour When it has boiling for about 15 minutes we will lower the temperature a bit

We want the water to last until the tamales finish cooking I hope you make this recipe at home, enjoy it with your family and see you in the next video to cook something Delicioso


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