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Welcome back Our next guest is known as thefirst lady of Italian cooking we love her here she's got a new memoir it's called my American dream and she's here with some delicious Italian recipes welcome the one and only Lidia Bastianch

How you doing? I'm doing fine Lidia has been here before so we've been through this routine Yes yes the cooking and cookbooks but you know this time people want to know more about Lydia Lydia's American Dream Should we start cooking or we'll cook and you know you cook and I'll talk okay that's a deal okay so I'm gonna make you Zitti alla Norma delicious Sicilian dish which is ziti with the tomato sauce and eggplants, but first you have to Wendy: now I'm sure you're familiar with Lidia if you're not look she's got wines she's got products she's been around this is her 11th book but this one this one is the one focusing on her life yeah you're not just the cup people want to know how often you have sex now, don't they [;aughter] That's my next book You want to be in it with me? Did you hear me talking about Jane Fonda 80 years old she's given up yeah she's given you know it's just give it up all right so so okay well we're not giving up I'm gonna teach you there this recipe okay salt olive oil you roast it you get a roaster just like this nice and crispy and then you cook your pasta and I have pasta for you to bring home and cook for Kevin thank you this recipe thank you okay so you have the pasta cooked

Drain it I'm a patron of your pasta and sauces I've seen them retail I know yes I can mix it up let's put some so you make some what's up where's that green stuff? Basil all right basil mmm Recognize it? Yes I do Unfortunately most of the time a lot of us we want to cook fancy with the basil like that but we end up shaking it from the jar No fresh

Always fresh whenever you can it's very good some cheese and wala your pasta is ready you can taste it there give it a good miss is a piece of ricotta on the top and he caught that a little bit because so you add the eggplant here I have you have the tomatoes the basil The cheese you add the eggplant the ones that you bake that are deliciously toasted and then you can just play that just like that and you put a dollop of fresh ricotta it's very good Is it good? Very good okay So we can we can move on with that with that I want to teach you how to make this salad

So you like asparagus Yes I don't like the skin on the on the UM eggplant though I have to say you don't know oh then I would have peeled it had I known it's okay I'm I know my guest I'm picking it over so delicately I appreciate but you know I like that you speak do you say what you would you feel that is Wendy, isn't it So here we go cook the steamed asparagus and scallions this is boiled egg often and peppered you need some salt but no it's perfect oh good good you got me upset there for a moment I would rather have more ricotta actually a lot of people don't like ricotta cheese a coat that good but I sell you something so let's go ahead you tell me and then I'll tell you know I'm talking to them Wow I gotta tell you something um where are these recipes available besides Wendy show calm cuz this book is about your life so this is not going to right right this is Lydia celebrates like an Italian but they can go on LidiasItalycom and they could get any recipe they want and this is so simple you know I'm known for my simplicity but that I know that's Italian yeah so here we go the salad is okay the salad is tossed and you have yours there's a dress yours isn't at rest you want a little something yes okay no more vinegar more vinegar yeah mm-hmm have you done the vinegar like on the oil oh okay and I'm in here good all right so Lydia you carry that on and you can munch Lydia has two children and grandchildren now I could imagine are you visiting your children at college that or your grandchildren college I am I have five of them and they are my pearls my jewels and three of them three of them are in college I go to the college and I cook for the whole and they love it no pizza bowls no no nothing else no no regular course is very good is that good I don't wanna taste and this is the chocolates of alianna cake

nice little Rizzoli's these are maraschino cherries under syrup they're not the regular color they're really naturally isn't it good Wow here you go just in case all right thank you Thank you Lidia For more on Lidia's book and these recipes go to WendyShowcom


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