Hello Friends! Welcome to 5-Minute Kitchen with Shraddha We have very limited options for breakfast in Keto diet plan also we get bored by having same breakfast everyday That's why I've a delicious Indian keto recipe for you KETO POHA I have made this with keto friendly vegetable Cauliflower Let's start Firstly we will take out the florets from cauliflower Cauliflower is a low-carb vegetable hence it is a very good option for keto recipes Now we will separate stalks from these florets now we will cut these stalks in cubes and will use these as an alternative of potato these will make our keto poha much more attractive and tasty Wash thoroughly and dry Grate the cauliflower with the help of grater You can also use food processor instead In rest of the ingredients we have 2 tsp Olive Oil 10-15 Peanuts Salt as per taste 5-6 Curry leaves 1 tsp

Mustard seeds 1 Green Chili chopped 1 tsp Turmeric powder 1 tsp Lemon Juice (optional) Chopped 1/2 Onion Chopped Cilantro Roast the peanuts in a frying pan with one table spoon of olive oil If you are strictly following the Keto diet then you can avoid this Set aside in a bowl In the same pan add mustard seeds and let them crackle add stalk cubes and roast the same for about a minute Cauliflower stalks take little bit more time to get cooked in comparison with onion that's why we will roast these first We will add onion, curry leaves, green chili once cauliflower stalks started changing color and saute well for around a minute And as I mentioned previously, these stalks are good alternative for potato in keto poha Now we will add turmeric powder, salt and peanuts Mix well You can also add other low-carb vegetables considering your ketogenic diet plan Now add grated cauliflower to this mix Mix all – so that all these ingredients will get evenly mixed with the cauliflower Cauliflower of our keto poha will get soft after covering it for some time Add 1 tsp of lemon juice (optional) and Cilantro Mix well Low carb keto poha is ready now Add this to your regular or Keto diet plan Enjoy this with your friend and family Also this is very good lunch-box option for kids For more such interesting recipes please subscribe to our channel 5-Minute Kitchen and share your opinions in the comment section Thanks for watching!


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