hey guys it's Iva Scelfowelcome to my channel and welcome to day 27 of my 30 days keto diet summer transformation challenge I can't believe that the challenge is almost over I'm also getting questions if I will be doing keto after this challenge is over and the answer is definitely yes with this challenge my keto journey doesn't and it really just meant to be I'm kicking the butt and really good start of this key to a lifestyle so I will definitely keep going so does my husband it's 1 o'clock so I'm ready to break my fast and have some lunch we had the fun day yesterday under reverberant the doggies and we were running really late home so we actually picked up chicken so we had that for dinner and today I'm gonna use the leftover to make me some chicken salad I just shred the chicken I put some red onion some carrots and some celery with Mayo salt pepper and onion powder I put it in my measuring cup to make it pretty and I'm gonna make in 90 seconds priced to go with it I'm gonna actually use coconut flour today just to test it out I don't really think I ever made 90 seconds bread with coconut flour I usually use almond flour so I want to test it out today and see which one I like better I'm cracking one egg into a ball taking my organic coconut flour and will add adding half of a teaspoon of baking powder so I like adding onion powder into my bread I also like adding a little cumin and this time I'm also gonna add a little of oregano leaves I'm actually gonna add half of a tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil it just makes the bread tastier and more like moisture I just like it better that way then I'm taking a Tupperware and I'm gonna use a spray olive oil to spray it in just to make sure that the bread will not stick now using my spatula I'm gonna transfer the bread mixture into my Tupperware and cook it in the microwave on HIGH for 90 seconds here it is looking good and I like my bread fried in a pan so I'm gonna add a little bit of Kerrygold butter onto a pan and fry them up and this is how it looks like guys Oh assembled I can't wait to eat it this bread looks amazing hey what's up guys it's Rob I'm just clocking out for lunch I don't wanted to show you what I brought today so Eva made me some awesome keto bread and I have the chicken from last night some rotisserie chicken we made into a chicken salad with some carrot celery onion and I have two pickles with that I have a hard-boiled egg and some kielbasa for later for a snack and for the fiber for today I just have some strawberries and that's what's for lunch I made myself a cup of coffee and as today free I'm gonna have this a quest bar this one is the cinnamon bun I have I just have because I'm sharing it with Rob so I can't wait to test this one out we already bought like five different flavors so I'm testing it out which one I'm gonna love the mousse to buy the whole box we'll see how this is some of you guys are recommended to heating up the quest bar in the microwave for a little bit so I actually went ahead and I tested it out and let me tell you thank you it was absolutely delicious I can't believe that heating up the quest bar really makes such a difference in the way how the quest for tastes I do really love it I can't wait till Rob tries it out too so once again thank all of you who gave me this tip because it's amazing tip and from now on I'm gonna be eating it just heat up I have a taste for something salty and crunchy so I'm gonna have 15 grams of these sunflower seeds these are the david jumbo sunflower seeds with range in they pretty great they have about five net carbs for this whole package so and the best part of that is that we got them at the dollar store so I'm gonna test that there they go really hard to chew on so you gotta really work hard on that but the flavor is really amazing so I'm gonna munch on that while working and I'll check with you back around dinner guys I'm excited about tonight's dinner because tonight I'm gonna grow some steak and I'm gonna make some pure eggplant bruschetta to go with it so I've got a small eggplant and I just cut it into a 3/4 of an inch thick slices and now each of the slice I'm gonna sprinkle with some sea salt and let it sit and sweat for about half hour before we put it on the grill the reason you put salt on to an eggplant is that you really want to get as much moisture out of there as possible before you start cooking it as we do not want the eggplant to become a mush it doesn't need a lot just sprinkle it and do it from both sides meanwhile I'll go prepare the topping so I'm gonna chop tomatoes some red onion cube some avocados and shred a little garlic so I've got it Oh trapped up and I had a opened can of black olives so I'm gonna chop about six of them also in a bruschetta gonna add a little salt to taste little pepper to taste some oregano leaves to taste and about teaspoon of olive oil now just mix it up to preserve the avocado color I'm gonna squeeze about 1/2 of a teaspoon of a lemon juice in it I'm just gonna put it in the fridge to chill until we're ready to serve can you see how the eggplant is sweating so that's what we need we're gonna pet try it and I'm gonna start the girl to grow them up the last step before putting them on the ground I'm gonna slightly brush them with a little bit of olive oil so they do not stack and so we actually even more add up our fat intake so just slightly I am NOT gonna do anything fancy to the steak just gonna use a little bit of olive oil from both sides and some fresh mixed pepper and then I decide to grill outside when it's hundred degrees out there and stay for half an hour the grill right now and here it is or serve done I just put some salt and extra fresh pepper over my steak and a bruschetta looking amazing guys those absolutely delicious I love just trying on a good recipes and new ideas this bruschetta was absolutely amazing I feel pretty full so I'm probably not gonna have any dessert and if so um I have just some strawberries blueberries in some little whipping cream on top but I don't know yet I'm gonna just finish up my glass of wine and let's wrap up to this video day 27 of our 30 days keto diet summer transformation challenge is over what that means only three days to go it's been a hell of a ride thank you guys so much for watching today's video if you didn't do so please don't forget to subscribe and hit that Bell button so you get notified and you do not miss any of my upcoming video and I'm gonna see you again tomorrow good night you


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