hey guys welcome to my channel and welcome to day seven of 30 days Keto summer transformation challenge it's about one o'clock so I'm ready to break my fast I'm gonna make some easy quick lunch using the leftover from the baked chicken I'm ate yesterday I got hundred grams of chicken I'm gonna chop some onions some celery I'm gonna put some little avocado in it I'm gonna use about half of a tablespoon of mayo some salt some pepper and I baked two slices of bacon so I'm gonna add that one in as well so I'm gonna shrink the chicken I'm gonna cubed a little bit of onion chop my celery stick I like to edit celery into my chicken salad as I do like the extra crunch adding salt cutting pepper half of a tablespoon of mayo chop the kabocha doh and now I'm gonna add my bacon and here it is this is what's gonna be for lunch it's a simple chicken salad full of good healthy fats and quality protein I'm gonna make myself cup of coffee and I'm gonna check with you again around 6:00 am

hey guys it's Rob I'm reporting live from work and I just clocked out to take my lunch break and I wanted to show you what I had here I kind of failed today with lunch because Eva made me some great chicken salad and some great keto bread and I totally left the keto bread at home on the counter she just texted me I'm a little mad about it but so I'm gonna have to have this without my Quito bread chicken salad we got some celery in it some onion and that was from the whole chicken that we made we got some sliced kielbasa sausage smoked sausage with some sliced hard-boiled egg and I have my side salad here so we have some avocado in that kale spinach grape tomato cucumber and my dressing I use I love this cheap Oatley ranch dressing it's from simply nature so I'm pretty sure that it is organic and they only use natural ingredients which I love it's low in carbs it's high in fat so the chipotle ranch definitely my favorite dressing that's what's for lunch I've been having mild headaches for last day or two I'm not sure if it's a little Kido flu and I'm missing some electrolytes or I've been also going through some rough stuff with my family my dad's having some serious health issues back home so I'm under a lot of stress so maybe that headache is just due to that well I'm gonna make sure to actually get a lots of electrolytes but other than that I feel really good I feel flattered it's going really great for me and for up as well we do really love this lifestyle and we're really excited to continue in this 30-day challenge it's five o'clock so I am ready to have some snack I'm gonna just heat up the leftover of the ham and cheese Stromboli I made two days ago it was absolutely amazing so delicious you guys have to try that the recipe out I'm gonna serve it just on couple leaves of spinach and baby cam just to get some brains and as I didn't have any today yet this is my yummy afternoon snack guys I'm having very uncomfortable headache as I said I'm not sure if that is a sign of maybe a keto flu but just to prevent it I'm just gonna have some some of the pickles just to bump up my electrolyze there's our full of sodium so hopefully that will help cuz I got it seven o'clock so I'm gonna start preparing the dinner I'm gonna use up some of the baked chicken I made yesterday so I was thinking I would just fill up some green bell peppers do you want a little pepper do you want a little pepper so very good so I washed the peppers and now I'm just gonna cut a little opening and get the right of the seeds inside just like that taking a pan I'm gonna bake these peppers for about 15 minutes in the oven for 400 degrees Fahrenheit on its own now I'm taking some of the chicken from yesterday and I'm gonna finely chop it I put it in the bowl already chopped and I'm using some salt a little bit of pepper well a little bit more some garlic powder some onion powder some basil leaves now I will add 2 tablespoons of sour cream in about third of the cup of a cheddar I'm gonna mix it all up an hour just will wait till the peppers are done so I can fill them up and we're good to go okay so the peppers are precooked so now I'm gonna stuff them up with the chicken mixture back in the oven for another about 15 to 20 minutes so after 15 minutes I took it out of the oven and I'm gonna add some extra cheddar cheese on each of the peppers and bake it for an additional about 3 minutes until the cheese is melted and here it is it's another good way how to use your baked chicken or if you buy a rotisserie chicken and this is how it looks inside we're gonna dig in down we enjoy the dinner very much you can hear them tick at us we're gonna take our power walk and we're gonna be back to have some tea and some dessert so we're ready to have our a night cup of tea and some no-bake kita tsk well this liquor is waiting to get some strawberry tops so we treat her to a little treat all right we still have one more thing to do so day seven of our 30-day keto challenge is over guys thank you so much for watching today's video and if you did like it give it a thumbs up and subscribe we have a lot of days ahead of us big challenge lot of pounds to lose so we would love you to join us and support us and I'm gonna see you tomorrow good night


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