hey guys welcome to my channel and welcome back to day 4 of 30 day Keto summer transformation challenge it's about 1:30 we are ready to break out of fast so I'm about to make some quick lunch so I'm gonna just cook some bacon in the microwaves I showed you already before this is how I make it I just put two paper towels on the plate and I microwave it so I can actually spare myself cleaning the splashy stove later on then we're gonna have some leafy greens I have some spinach and baby kale I'm gonna scramble for X in some Kerrygold butter and we're gonna have some avocado so plenty of good healthy fats so we're not gonna get hungry and here it is yum-yum lunch was great very filling and now we're just gonna have a coffee but one servings of the heavy whipping cream and we're gonna get ready and go to do our weekly shopping we're gonna hit all these and Walmart and I'm gonna then show you our Akita grocery haul guys way back from the food shopping so I'm just gonna quickly show you our Akita grocery haul so we got pack of mozzarella I'm back off jitters for some Kido breads and for some tacos I get to carry gold butters I have some pecans so we can make some more of the cheesecakes I have some prosciutto mozzarella for snacks some normal mozzarella some Brie then for snacks I got again these blue cheese stuffed olives we get two tunas in oil I got some basil and oregano leaves then this roasted red pepper dressing some sauerkraut some pickles soy sauce some asparagus and some Parmesan cheese let me get two mushrooms they referred our two little cherry tomatoes are some sweet peppers some Tomatoes some green peppers I want to make them stuffed with chicken some broccoli cucumbers and a lots of avocados they were for 49 cents so I'm planning on to make some like a chocolate mousse or maybe a baccata brownie we'll see we get some sodas and some Bradford these two are amazing they have just a one-car in a link then a whole chicken I get some couple recipes I want to make and this was this whole chicken was 550 then probably today I'm gonna make some salmon then we get some white salami just for snacks then some of these anchor turkey Franks they are also just 1 gram of carb in a link and some eggs so we've put all the grocery way and we made some little snack so I'm just having 17 ounces of this fresco mozzarella one tomato and three strawberries taste for something different so what you're having there well I got to have a little more protein in my macros than Eva so I'm going with the kielbasa with some soft boiled egg and a little mozzarella and strawberry Bon Appetit so you're ready to make the dinner I'm gonna make the Selman I'm gonna wrap some asparagus in a bacon and put it on a grill as well and then I have the Salomon I'm gonna cook it in some butter and lemon I'm just gonna wrap it in the olive oil and put it on the grill so the bacon-wrapped asparagus and the salmon are ready to go on the grill another amazing Sulman recipe it was good so really so yummy I actually didn't really expect when you pack the Selman in an olive oil and put it on a grill that the skin will really get crunchy enough to actually eat it even right who never ever wanted to eat the skin just the skin just disappeared it's good yeah well this guy's like with the chicken when you cook it right it's just crunchy and it's delicious so there's no need throwing out the skin so it's about nine o'clock so it's a little later today so it's a little dark outside but we do not fear that the high so we still gonna go and take a walk but before we do that we have to do one important thing okay guys day four of our 30-day keto transformation challenge is done guys I do really hope you enjoy today a challenge and that you're gonna join us for the other 26 days ahead so if you want to help support us in our journey please be sure to give us a big thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe and we're gonna see you again tomorrow good night thank you


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