Welcome to 5-Minute Kitchen with Shraddha Today we will make Shahi mouth-watering Keto Eggplant recipe Keto Baingan Bharta You can also add this in your Keto diet plan Wash eggplant and cut it from the side I have taken one big black eggplant we will peel the eggplant Eggplant is low carb vegetable and is a very good option for keto recipes Cut eggplant into even slices Check for the thickness of eggplant otherwise it wont get roasted properly Now cut these slices lengthwise this will help in roasting process Cut onion into two and then cut it into even slices I have taken 350g eggplant which will take 1/2 of the onion along with it Remaining Ingredients : Onion 1/2 4 tsp Hung Curd (Greek Yogurt) Hung curd recipe link is provided in the description below 10-15 Walnuts 2 Green Chili Salt as per taste Chopped Cilantro 2 tsp

Olive oil 1 tsp chopped mint leaves Now we will roast eggplant Firstly, we will grease the pan with olive oil Place eggplant slices one by one Apply olive oil on the top of these eggplant slices and let it cook in medium flame Keep checking in between Flip these after they are golden brown in color and let these cook from other side in the same manner Take out these roasted eggplant slices in a big bowl Take olive oil in another pan Once heated, add sliced onion Let it cook for 1-2 minute in medium flame so this will reduce the raw smell of onion Onion color is changed to light brown Now add green chili and mint leaves and let these cook for around 30 seconds Now put this into the same big bowl Mash eggplant and onion mix with the help of fork These will easily get mashed just because they are freshly roasted and are hot Now, we will finely crush walnuts with the help of mortar and pestle Walnuts make Baingan Bharta tastier and also adds crunchiness to it Now add salt, coriander leaves, crushed walnuts and hung curd in the mixture of mashed eggplant and onion Mix well This is a unique eggplant recipe I have added keto friendly ingredients, which will help you maintain your keto diet and also adds to the taste of this keto recipe You can serve this directly or after refrigerating it for an hour Tasty Keto Baingan Bharta is ready now! Serve after garnishing with hung curd, onion & cilantro Have this with Keto Chapati or Keto Rice and stay healthy For getting more such healthy and keto recipes please subscribe to 5-Minute Kitchen Also share your feedback in the comment section below Thanks for watching


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