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Hey guys you're watching Cait Straight Up and I'm your host Caitlin and today we are going to take an Italian sub or an Italian hoagie take those ingredients and roll it all up into a really super fun Italian hot roll it's similar to a Stromboli it's really easy to make and it is perfect for football viewing parties birthday parties really anything where you're happy to get together it takes the super tasty ingredients from an Italian sub your ham your salami your pepperoni you're provolone and it rolls it all up melts it all together into some gooey awesome fabulousness you guys are gonna love it and it's really easy so let's get started so we preheated our oven to 400 degrees and right here we have a Pillsbury thin crust pizza dough you don't have to get fancy with your dough here buy a nice thin crust store-bought dough because everything inside is gonna be what makes it taste really amazing I do have a super easy two ingredient pizza dough on the channel as well if you're feeling feisty and want to make your homemade dough but honestly I Pillsbury thin crust pizza crust is perfect for this recipe so since it's my cooking show and I absolutely love garlic and when I think about Italian sub kinda on a piece of nice hot garlic bread my mouth really waters we're gonna add a little bit of garlic to the inside of our dough before we lay out our other ingredients you could skip this step if you're not really a garlic lover but who isn't a garlic lover let's be real add a little bit of garlic on there it's gonna bake into your stuff it's gonna be awesome then I personally like to start with my biggest ingredient which is my ham you're just gonna lay it out it doesn't have to be perfect because it's gonna roll all up into your role or your Stromboli or your hot roll but you know I like to kind of lay it out so it's nice and even just like so so I just used a regular honey ham deli meat for that you can experiment if you want to kind of jazz it up a little bit but that's what I have here the next ingredient is some regular Genoa salami and you're just gonna same thing lay it out so if you, you know I kind of find subs funny because people call it all different things around the country here in New Jersey our state can't even agree half of the state calls it subs the other half calls it hoagies very weird one thing that every state and even all of New Jersey can agree on is that the combination of some fabulous deli meats with some provolone cheese on some great baked bread or whatever you're gonna put it on with a few extra ingredients is fabulous so whatever you call it who cares this stuff tastes good together next thing we're gonna add is that pepperoni I like to get some large slices of pepperoni you could actually use the smaller slices but if you go to your deli counter at your food store they should have larger pieces of pepperoni and I just think that it lays out better otherwise you're gonna be laying out a lot of pepperoni of those little small ones you know that could get to be a lot but same thing pepperoni is pepperoni if you want to try turkey pepperoni small pieces big pieces whatever you got just put it on it you'll notice here that I left a slight lip on the front of my roll that's because there we're actually gonna close it up the last and final ingredient going into this delicious Italian sub roll is our nice thin slices of provolone cheese now if you're not a fan of provolone again you could switch it up just the typical Italian sub though does have provolone on it so that's why I'm picking these ingredients today however again feel free to experiment now comes the fun part where we're just gonna fold over the side without the lip kind of get it going press it down a little bit and just keep rolling our meats down you know they should be nice and thin cut so that's fine and when you get to your lip you're just gonna press it in no need for an egg wash if you're using a pizza dough a store-bought one you could just kind of press it in think I missed a piece there there you go and same thing with the ends just kind of fold them in as if you were wrapping a present a really good tasty present filled with delicious Italian meats and cheese after that you're gonna lay it out into the center of a lightly greased pan and you're just gonna kind of press it out so that it becomes a little bit more flattened I like to say because the dough will expand and it will kind of puff up a little bit so you I like to kind of squeeze mine out so that the roll is actually very tight there's one more little tiny step before we get this bad boy into the oven right here I have about a tablespoon or two of melted butter you don't need a lot we're just gonna brush a little bit over the top and not tell anybody but I like to add some nice ingredients to the butter to brush over the top again we almost want this to taste like an Italian sub cooked in garlic bread so I add a little bit of parsley and a little bit of oregano right into the butter oops fumbling there a little bit and then you guessed it I am a garlic lover and I put it pretty much everywhere that I can get away with doing it so we're gonna put a little bit more garlic into our butter after that you're just gonna give your butter a nice little stir and brush a coating of it not a lot you do not want this soggy you just want a little coating right along the top because as this cooks that's gonna make a nice crispy golden brown top it's gonna have a little bit of those Italian flavors from the oregano and the parsley it's gonna have that garlic flavor that we all love so much and it's gonna actually like I said make it a very nice color golden brown after that you're putting it into your oven based on the cooking instructions on the dough so about 15 minutes until it's golden brown and looks cooked all the way through so my Italian sub hot roll took about 15 minutes and look how good it is that butter gives it a nice golden brown and you could kind of smell the garlic just a hint of it and I bet it's gonna be really good so if your dough is cooked all the way through it should move nice and easily when you try them a little bit so just kind of get it to a cutting board and be ready to cut it up and when you cut into it look at this and how delicious it looks your cheese is melted it's cooked all the way through we have that nice garlicky smell coming we have our ham or pepperoni or salami it looks fantastic I'm gonna get another piece ready here for you guys it just looks so good with this melted cheese inside oh my god can you see that can you see that look at that it really really looks fantastic I'm gonna keep cutting this up for my friends they're really gonna enjoy it while we're watching some football make sure to subscribe to Cait Straight Up for more recipes like this one every tuesday and sometimes on Thursdays and Sundays find me on instagram guys Twitter I'm all over the place make sure you put your comments and your video requests below and other than that I can not wait to see you next time bye bye


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