How to Use a Slow Cooker

Hi, I'm Shelly Green a master student with Kent State University and in this video I'll be giving you some helpful hints on how to use a slow-cooker Slow cookers make tasty food and do all the cooking while you're away so once you get home, you're ready to eat So the first bit of advice is never use frozen foods in the slow cooker Slow cookers use a much lower heat than other methods of cooking So if you use a frozen food in a slow cooker it might stay in the temperature danger zone too long and will start developing harmful bacteria that might make you sick Next when you layer foods in your slow cooker Put the foods that need the longest amount of time to cook at the very bottom Things like potatoes or carrots or lentils should be put down first and then other foods on top This is because the heating element is on the bottom and will cook these foods fastest

And finally when filling your slow cooker only fill it about 1/2 to 1/3 full Any less than that and you might get burnt and any more than that and it might not be fully cooked So those are some helpful tips on how to use your slow cooker Thanks for watching


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