How To Pressure Cook Spaghetti Squash + Plant Based Sauce

Hi guys today, we're going to be making a recipe that usually will make for dinner It's a spaghetti using spaghetti squash We're gonna kind of make our own pasta sauce and we're just gonna kind of take you guys with us show you how we make it and We'll start with the spaghetti squash So what we're gonna Do is we're gonna go ahead and cut it up Show you guys how we prepare it and put it in the oven we're gonna attempt to cut this in half lengthwise All right, so we cut it in half

It's not even aware about it now We're gonna scrape the seeds out Just like you would carving a pumpkin You Got the seeds out Alright so next we're gonna go ahead and put some olive oil on our spaghetti squash So I don't have a brush tool so what I'm going to be using is I'm just going to kind of lightly I'll put some in a cap, and I'm just going to go ahead and drizzle it over And I'm just gonna make sure there's enough and then I'm gonna move it around with the napkin I Just want to get it saturated kind of take my napkin go around You want a Liberal amount of olive oil which is what's gonna Help it to kind of get a little bit Brown and help it to cook faster, and also it's going to infuse it with more taste as well and healthy fats so after you add your oil I used two extra virgin olive oil I'm going to go ahead and put some pepper and salt so you can season to taste Show you get around the sides here This is really where you're going to be getting your spaghetti from and Then we were going to use the oven but we've decided to use the pressure cooker So what we would have done is we would have put this in the oven middle rack for about 50 minutes to an hour on 400 degrees however we do have a pressure cooker, so we're going to put it into the pressure cooker Probably for about 15 minutes to 20 minutes, and it should be al dente at that time, so we'll see you instead All right, so I'm just gonna go ahead and make a basic sauce so what I'm going to be doing is I'm going to use two cans of tomato paste and a few spices I have some crushed garlic here some salt and pepper some perfect pinch Italian oregano garlic lovers and some onion powder So we'll just go ahead and get all this together We also chopped up some green onion and some mushrooms that we're going to be using in our sauce as well So we're going to add three cups of water to our tomato paste First what I'm going to do is I'm going to saute these vegetables, so I'm going to add some vegetable oil to my pot Have it on medium heat

I'm just going to add these vegetables first, and then we'll go on to add our sauce I'm also going to be adding one of these cute frozen cubes of garlic And then you make sure that you have everything brown go ahead and add our tomato sauce I'm going to add three cups of water And then add some tomato paste two cans of tomato paste to three cups of water We're going to be adding some nutritional yeast to the sauce, and I'm probably just gonna put a couple of teaspoons in This is actually a half tablespoon, so we'll go ahead and just put that on now And then I can add some more if I feel like it needs a little bit more texture, I'm going to add some onion powder I'm gonna add some Italian seasoning Just some oregano just going to use and some garlic lovers from let there be flavor then I'm going to go ahead and add a little sea salt and several turns of pepper So like I said guys just do it through to your taste However you like I happen to love garlic and happen to love spices so Adjust accordingly I think I also have some basil somewhere around here that I'll probably add as well So this is how I cook I just kind of cook my heart's content usually Alright guys so the pressure stopped we're just gonna check the spaghetti squash and see So how you know that it's done is it's easy it is to take a fork in and twirl So you can see right there

It's so easy so it's definitely done, so we're gonna go and take this out You just go in with a fork and start to Take out all of the pretty much Just comes out on its own just kind of Rake it it Okay guys, so we went ahead and topped off our pasta with our sauce we simmer in it for about ten minutes I'm going to go ahead and put some cheese on top and we're going to go ahead and have dinner Okay guys, so we're going to go ahead and taste our creation It's really good if you guys haven't tried spaghetti squash It's a great alternative to pasta just the texture Just the way that it kind of goes with everything It's really good Well I hope you guys got some ideas on how to kind of be creative in the kitchen and like and we'll take this recipe And make it your own and thank you guys so much for watching and we'll see you in the next video


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