How to Make Vegan Tiramisu – Vegan Tiramisu Recipe

– Hi friends, it's Sam And today I'm gonna show you how to make vegan tiramisu

Ooh ooh Tiramisu (laughs) Now as you probably know, tiramisu is a classic Italian dessert It is made with ladyfingers, which I'm vegan And whipping cream, which isn't vegan

And then coffee, which is vegan, luckily We got one thing going for us (laughs) So I figured out a way to make it vegan delicious and it tastes just like the real thing Yes I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm a stronger believer that anything can be made vegan and taste just as good, if not better, than the original

(kids cheering) True Now full disclaimer, this is not one of my easiest vegan recipes All of the ingredients are fairly easy to find but there are several steps But I'm gonna walk you through them, you'll see that each individual step is actually pretty easy But one of the benefits is that you can make this the day before so you can have it all ready, gorgeous, in the fridge, waiting to go

Pop it out of the fridge, bring it to whatever event you're going to or hosting Boom, vegan tiramisu Mind blown everywhere Taste buds drooling, yes, more, need it, immediately So let's get to making vegan tiramisu

Ooh (laughs) Now the first thing I'm gonna have to do for my vegan tiramisu is to make the ladyfingers Now I messed around with a lot of complicated ladyfinger recipes and they were all too much work and didn't work out great And then it occurred to me, why not just use my vanilla cake, it's basically the same thing So that's what I did and it turned out gorgeously

I've already made this vanilla cake on my YouTube channel so I'll pop a link up here and one down below in the description Follow the directions exactly the same for that cake but instead of using round cake pans, use square cake pans That's it, otherwise exactly the same So I did that last night, I got my cakes ready And now we just have to make the coffee layer and the cream layer

So first thing, I'm gonna make the espresso sauce And in order to make that, I need espresso So (machine whirring) Yeah, turning the bad boy on My favorite (laughs) (machine whirring) Alright

So I'm gonna need four shots of espresso I've got it on a two shot setting right here I'm gonna do it straight into the measuring cup Gorgeous I love coffee, it smells so good

Alright (machine whirring) Beautiful And two more shots of espresso (machine whirring) Now if you don't have an espresso machine, you can use very very very strong coffee Try to make it as strong as possible

Or you could just hop over to your local coffee shop and buy four shots of espresso or you could buy instant espresso powder Lots of options So don't worry, you don't need to go invest in a huge machine if you're not ready for that yet And now for the booze To the espresso, I'm gonna add two tablespoons of coffee liqueur for extra extra espresso-ness, one two

Gorgeous And to make sure that I have the correct amount of liquid, I'm just gonna top this up with water until it makes three quarter cups Which is why I did this in a measuring cup cuz it just saves an extra step A little water And there we go, there's my espresso sauce

So I'm just gonna set this aside and make the cream layer (clapping) Okay dokey (laughs) So, first for the cream layer, I am going to grab a cup of cashews Why won't it fit So annoying

(cashews spilling) Whoa okay, that was a bit excited I was a bit excited about it again So to ensure that the cashews blend perfectly smooth and creamy, I'm just gonna boil them first So cover them with a bit of water, bring it to a boil on the stove and then boil for about ten minutes until they are nice and tender And then I'll drain them off, give them a bit of a rinse and then they're good to go

Even though I'm gonna use a high power blender, because I'm not adding that much additional liquid, this just ensures that they're gonna be lovely and smooth and creamy which is what we want So while the cashews are boiling, I'm just gonna cut up my cakes and get them ready into ladyfinger shapes Ahh (laughs) So I've got my two vanilla cakes I made them yesterday

So, I will run my knife around the cakes to loosen them a bit And then, c'mon buddy Get out of there Just pop it out Excellent

So make sure you're using a cutting board that doesn't taste like garlic too Sometimes cutting boards carry a flavor And the last thing you wan is your tiramisu to have a garlic taste So cut the cake in half And then cut it into one inch slices

Beautiful Yes, cake So I'm doing the same thing with my other cake There are gonna be my ladyfingers Alright, set these ladyfingers aside

Get my blender I told you, there's a few steps in this, but each step is easy I promise So my cashews have been boiled, drained and rinsed so now they're nice and tender and ready to add to my blender Get those guys in there

Excellent A shakey shakey shakey To my cashews I'm adding non dairy milk Today I'm using soy milk But you can use whatever kind of nondairy milk you have on hand or prefer

Agave or maple syrup I'm using agave today I like it because the maple syrup will add a little bit of a maple-y taste So if you wanna avoid that, use agave Gorgeous

Nice and sticky and sweet and delicious Hmmm (licking finger) And last, vanilla extract Blend this all up until it's creamy, smooth, delicious, gorgeous cashew cream (blending whirring) You might have to stop to scrap down the sides a little bit and make sure that all of those cashews get blended perfectly smooth

And then keep going (blender whirring) Woo, it's so much quieter when that thing isn't on One last little scrape down and blend (blender whirring) Okay And there we have it

So now I have this gorgeous, sweet cashew cream Now, as always, the link to the full recipe is down below in the description I'll pop one up here as well So all the measurements and everything is laid out for you right there with a picture friendly button and all So go check that out for the full recipe

Now I only have one last step to make this cream extra creamy delicious and gorgeous So I'm gonna set this aside Here's this Here's this Here's this

So many things Alright Hand washing always important when cooking food, cuz otherwise it's gross Now for the last step before assembling the tiramisu, I've grabbed a can of coconut milk Make sure it's premium coconut milk

And I had it in my fridge overnight I actually always store several cans of this premium coconut milk in the back of my fridge at all times, in case I'm ever in need of a vegan coconut whipped cream emergency So when you open the can, you'll see that the cream has risen to the top It's become firm and solid and then there will be a bit of coconut water in the bottom of the can So you just wanna scoop out the cream and add it to the bowl, leaving behind any of the water

Scoop out the coconut cream into a nice large bowl Oop, a little bit of water I'm trying not to get the water And now instead of making whipped cream where you take a liquid and whip it up, this is kind of the opposite So you take the solid cream and break it down into a nice whipped cream texture

And people asked before, yes there is a light on my mixer See, the light? I'm just gonna whip this up until it's kind of broken down and fluffy and gorgeous Just like that, so easy Simple, so simple Set this aside

Now if you find that your coconut whipped cream is a little bit too thick, it's not breaking down, you can add a splash more coconut water or non-dairy milk or regular water to just thin it out a little bit You wanna keep it nice and fluffy and creamy Now I'm gonna take this gorgeous cashew cream that I made Get it all in here This is like double delicious cream, we got cashew cream, coconut cream, all the creaminess

That's what's gonna make it gorgeous, fluffy, delicious, amazing All of those things And now you just wanna gently fold in the cashew cream so that you try to keep it nice and fluffy and gorgeous Don't beat it and break it down, you know what I mean? Yes, okay, that is looking gorgeous Now you wanna make sure that this stays cool so that the coconut milk stays nice and cool

So if you're using it right away, pop it in the fridge But I'm gonna use it right away So, I got all my elements here, gotta get rid of this Ooh (laughs) I think I take way too much joy in the simple things in life

Okay so now it is time to assemble this vegan tiramisu, ooh ooh So excited (laughs) so I've got my cashew coconut cream tiramisu mixture creaminess deliciousness, whatever you wanna call it, right here I've got my espresso sauce ready and I have got my vanilla cake, my vegan ladyfingers So to start, just make a layer of the cake, of the ladyfingers in the bottom of the pan

I'm not gonna lie, I already stole a couple pieces of this cake, it was delicious That's what happened Alright, now try to squish some here in the end cuz I wanna make it as deliciously compact as possible There we go Beautiful

So I've got my layer of ladyfingers Now the espresso sauce Spoon over half of this Spreading it out as much as possible It won't be a perfectly even layer, that's totally fine

You just wanna make sure that each ladyfinger gets some espresso love This is gonna soak into all of the cake and give that gorgeous espresso flavoring that is classic to tiramisu That's about half I think And now take half of the tiramisu cream and spread that on top God this is gonna be so yummy, I'm so excited

Why am I holding the bowl like this, it's so awkward Ooph, okay, that's much better And I'm just gonna spread that evenly over top I wanna make sure that all the cakes get a lovely touch of espresso, a lovely touch of cream, all of that goodness, yeah I'm using a nine by nine inch dish here

But you could use also use an eight by twelve inch dish, a longer rectangular one Whatever floats your boat So just repeating the whole thing again And another layer of the delicious vanilla cake fingers Like so

You might have a couple of cake fingers left over which is perfect for snacking (laughs) then all of the remaining espresso sauce Gorgeous And the rest of the cream Lovely delicious amazing gorgeous cream

Beautiful So that's my tiramisu Now I'm just gonna cover it up and let it rest in the fridge for a couple of hours Or you can let it rest overnight, whatever you prefer You just wanna let it rest so all of the coffee and this cream kind of sinks into the cake and gets like classic amazing tiramisu texture

You might have some vanilla cake pieces left over and that's mighty fine because, now I can use them to lick up the last little bits of this cream Yes Yum, so good Oh man, I hate saran wrap Why? Okay, there we go

So see you in a couple of hours and we'll give this a taste test (clapping) And I'm back, yes Now, it is time to try the tiramisu Alright, let's finish it up, try it, eat it, I'm so excited, yum, dessert, ooh Can you believe I haven't even had any sugar yet? (laughs) yes, yes, yes

I need some cocoa powder So I'm gonna do that, just put it in a fine sieve and just kind of bump your hand on the side And you can go around, making it all beautiful Oh, so pretty Love it, beautiful

Now there is my tiramisu, ready to serve and enjoy all to myself Alright I'm gonna go for a corner piece Ooh, the first piece is always the hardest piece to get out Yes, look at that Look at that, so amazing

You could see the layers of cake, the espresso, the creaminess and the cocoa dusting on top Beautiful, beautiful dessert Alright, taste test Oh so soft Umm, umm, umm, umm, umm

Oh that is just, yes, umm This is a real treat I love how tiramisu isn't too sweet of a dessert It's got the lovely sweet light cake but the espresso sauce in there adds a little bit of bitterness, coffee flavor And then it's got that gorgeous smooth delicious cream

Amazing, delicious vegan all the way So delicious If you are up for making a dessert that's a little bit more complicated like this one, you should definitely give it a try Or if it's a special occasion, this is a great dessert because you can make it ahead of time Just dust it with cocoa just before serving and everyone will be wowed

I'm actually gonna bring this to my parents' house this weekend for Mother's Day Yes, I'm bringing my mom a partially eaten tiramisu for Mother's Day I'm a terrible daughter And I know if you were just watching this video on the day it was released, Mother's Day has long since passed But I filmed this video ahead of time for you because I'm traveling to Vancouver and the day this video gets released is the very day after my return from Vancouver

So stay tuned for next week because I'm going to be doing a what I ate in Vancouver as a vegan video Fun I hope you enjoyed this video And if you do, be sure to let me know by leaving a like and don't forget to subscribe for another fuss free vegan video next week Although this video wasn't that fuss free

I admit it, but you know, it's delicious and vegan, so You win some, you lose some (laughs) I'll see you next week Bon appetegan (slow rock music) Okay so let's get to making vegan tiramisu

Ooh ooh, I don't know why I'm doing this but hey it's happening


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