How To Make Vegan Nacho Cheese / Vegan Recipes

What's up! How are you? My name is Nico today I'm going to show you one of my favorite recipes Would you like to know how vegan cheese is cooked? If you are interested, follow I'm going to show you how to make this recipe at home to make vegan cheese they do not need many ingredients the cheese is very easy to cook and has a very rich taste the only thing they need is a blender onion powder, nutritional yeast I like to use a medium sized potato half carrot peel the potato and cut it into small squares I like it this way It's very simple then we peel the carrot in the same way we did with the potato already peeled what I do next is to open the tap and wash the potato I also do the same with the carrot make sure the vegetables are clean we boil the potato and the carrot approximately 20 minutes put the water to boil at maximum temperature cut the carrot and potato into small pieces to boil faster dump the potato and carrot in the boiled water cook for 20 minutes to simmer Introduce the potato and carrot in a processor or blender add a little salt a teaspoon of onion powder Another spoonful of nutritional yeast tea Another spoonful of nutritional yeast tea Another spoonful of nutritional yeast tea already with all these ingredients in the blender the next step is to start liquefying here you have the nachos with the vegan cheese has a barbara pint It is a spectacular collation if you are watching tv especially in an event like the soccer world cup if you want to reduce the intake of cheese derived from an animal if you want to try something healthy I really recommend this recipe, this is great!


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