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Hello friends welcome to easyfoodmakingcom today we are going to make tutti frutti very easy way which is made of raw papaya let see what ingredients we need

[music] to make tutti frutti we have taken raw papaya we have taken 4 type of food color 1/4 teaspoon 1 bowl sugar and water which we will use 1 bowl sugar and 3 bowl water lets start making Peel off the skin of papaya we have Peel off the skin of papaya and cut it you can see its raw papaya chop it into small cubes you can make cubes small or big as you like we have taken raw papaya which is very hard after peeling we have chopped it is small pieces you can see like this now we will start making tutti frutti we have taken water in pan we will switch on the flame we will boil the water once water is going to boil now we will add all the chopped papaya in it we will boil it for 5 min beyond 5 min we should not boil otherwise papaya will get cooked much put the flame medium 5 min is over now we will filter chopped papaya from water switch off the flame we have filtered chopped papaya you can see its cooked well not too much or less like this only we have to cook like you make Manchurian how cauliflower get cooked same way keep aside now we will a pan and add sugar we have taken 1 bowl sugar so we will add 3 bowl water we are not making sugar syrup as very sticky 3 bowl water we are taking because chopped papaya will get cooked with sugar syrup it should not be so thick because of that we have taken 3 bowl water more then sugar once it get melted sugar is melted very well not we will add chopped papaya without making any delay now we will cook this for 20 min cover the pan we will cook for 20 min keep the flame full 20 min is over its ready we will switch off the flame now we will put this in food color we have equally distributed now we will mix this well we have kept tutti frutti whole night in sugar syrup its morning now we will filter the chopped papaya from sugar syrup we will filter the syrup same way we will filter all the tutti frutti from sugar syrup we have taken one plate on top of that we have kept net for filtering the extra syrup if you want you can take any net or cloth to filter the sugar syrup from chopped papaya we will do the same process for all colored tutti frutti we have taken out the sugar syrup, you can use this syrup to make halwa or burfi now we will keep this in sun light to make it dry tutti frutti is ready we have taken out in one plate you can listen the sound its properly dried its perfect tutti frutti you can fill this in air tight container and use it for one month you can put this in ice cream, cake or cookie

wherever you like you can use this instead of buying from market you can make at home and store it whenever you want you can use this Do like share and subscribe don't forget to press the bell icon so you will get notification of our recipes first


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