HOW TO MAKE TIRAMISU 2018 | Quick & Easy Italian Tiramisu Recipe

Hi Would you like to learn how to make the best tiramisu in the world? But someone's missing

Hey! So, let's get started Yes, but before we do that let's take a look how the longest tiramisu in the world looks like I know, we look terrible But we're still dressed up for the carnival But we've just learnt they're making the world's longest tiramisu very close, very near where we are

It's really long For tiramisu we need: mascarpone sugar eggs shot of Marsala or liquor of your choice Savoiardi cookies cocoa and coffee But don't worry Check the description for the full recipe First we prepare a really good, strong coffee and let it rest so it cools down to the room temperature

And then we start with separating egg yolks and egg whites Half of our sugar we put in egg yolks and then we whisk them really really good We whisk it until the density is something like this It's time to add the most important ingredient: mascarpone And we whisk it really really well

Next step is that we whisk our egg whites and we add the rest of our sugar Be careful: they have to be really really clean And now we add egg whites in our mixture And then we mix it very gently We pour coffee in our bowl and we add one shot of Marsala

We soak our Savoiardi very briefly and then brake it and put it in our cups Now we add our mixture over cookies And now the final touch: we sprinkle cocoa over our tiramisu Don't worry if you don't have this device you can use also this one Our tiramisu is ready! So, the only thing missing is friends

As our Carluccio said: "brutto ma buono" which means ugly but good If you like this video, give it a big thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to our channel We upload new videos every Wednesday


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