How to Make Ragù Bolognese Sauce | Authentic Italian Ragù Recipe

Authentic Italian Ragu! This recipe makes about 1,200 grams of concentrated ragu That's about 12 servings if you're combining the ragu with tomato sauce and pasta! Luckily ragu is easy to freeze

This makes it economical despite the quality ingredients To make ragu, start by cutting up the vegetables Use a potato peeler to peel and remove the strings from 200 grams of celery You want 200 grams after peeling Use the technique shown to remove any additional fiber

Dice the celery For this vegetable, we recommend not using a food processor for the job Food processors tend to crush the celery removing the juice Set the celery aside Peel and dice 240 grams of carrots use a food processor if you like

Set the carrots aside Dice 280 grams of red onion Melt 80 grams of butter in a large skillet Saute the chopped vegetables in the melted butter and give it a stir Drizzle several tablespoons of olive oil and cover

Simmer the vegetables for 9 to 10 minutes Add to the skillet one pound of ground beef and one pound of ground pork As the meat browns, use utensils to break the meat into small pieces Use the little chopping technique shown to break down the meat and distribute the meat among the rest of the veggies After the meat is in crumbles, use the micro swirling technique shown to thoroughly mix the meat with the vegetables

When it looks like this, cover Reduce the heat to medium-low and cook for 5 minutes Then add 1 tablespoon of salt You'll want a half a liter or one pint of red wine Lambrusco is traditional but Petite Syrah will do as well

For now add half of the wine to the Ragu Bolognese and give it a stir Stir in 1/2 teaspoon of black pepper Cook the Ragu Bolognese uncovered for 10 minutes Add the rest of the wine and the second tablespoon of salt Dissolve 70 grams of tomato paste in a few tablespoons of beef broth

Whisk and add to the ragu Give the ragu a really good stir At this point, the Ragu Bolognese should seem liquidy After all, ragu is a concentrated sauce and we plan to reduce Due to the red wine, the ragu will be a brown or rust color

At this point tastes your Ragu Bolognese Depending on how salty the beef broth is, you may want to add one more tablespoon of salt Now it's time to simmer and reduce our ragu! s Simmer the ragu uncovered for at least an hour on medium-low heat Stir the ragu every 15 minutes adding a quarter cup to a half cup of beef broth if the ragu is starting to dry out An hour later, add three tablespoons of heavy cream

After adding the cream simmer uncovered for 15 more minutes Now, the concentrated ragu is ready to add to a dish of your choice! Check out our recipe for tomato sauce with ragu, traditionally served over Tagliatelle!


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