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this is lyle with no hippie barbecue whatever you doing today there gonna be some unbanned chili relleno this recipe is in collaboration with Alicia over your best bites forever basically the concept for our collaboration was to pick a rest feed off of each other's YouTube channel and put our own spin on it so I thought her chili rellenos look great so that's what we're doing now I'm gonna leave the link to her channel and my car to book and the description below right over there and take a look at her stuff cuz she's putting out some good stuff over there and I shouldn't be calling her Alicia I should be calling her Chef Alicia since she was a classically trained chef at the cordon prolific anyway as far as my recipe goes we're gonna be doing our first step is going to be to roast the peppers and instead of doing them on the grill like I normally would i realizes a lot of my subscribers don't have grills so we're gonna do is we are going to roast them in the oven so what i did with those peppers was lightly coated them with a little bit of canola oil put my oven on broil through my peppers in on the top rack and they're gonna cook about three to four minutes on each side or until the peppers start blistering anyway let's get on with that right now peppers look like coming out of the oven you can see that the skin is starting to pull away from the flesh of the pepper so this should be pretty easy to peel what we're gonna do is we're going to throw in a ziplock bag a paper bag anything that's going to kind of pull the moisture in and that's gonna make them a little bit easier to peel down the road the I don't remove the seeds and you know when I make anything with stuffed peppers when I do remove the seeds the reason that I don't remove them until after we're done roasting them because when you're roasting them a lot of times they're gonna split kind of naturally on their own so I don't want to create the slip and then have it you know slip somewhere else on the pepper well this roasting anyway those peppers are going to sit for about 35 45 minutes then we'll get peeling those and once they're peeled it's gonna be on to just stuffing them look at these peppers rest in this ziplock bag this should be pretty easy to peel so we're going to pull them out as a matter of fact you can see that the skin and these are actually still a little hot but you can see the skin was that easy to remove so I'm going to finish these up and like I was speaking about earlier you can see that there was a natural slip that occurred to this pepper which is the main reason why I didn't go ahead and cut a slit in it earlier anyway I'm gonna finish up on these peppers and then we'll get stuff done was I have a casserole dish and I put a thin layer of chili relleno sauce in here now we're going to go ahead and throw our peppers in now some of these peppers have already split in the middle or half way down the middle some of the split all the way and I'm gonna leave the seeds in this bathroom and all of these so we're just going to place those in let's see inside up so we can fill these up easily let's get filling although we need to do is we're gonna mix our cheese that we have earlier the Oaxaca cheese I'm gonna mix that with our chicken we're just gonna start filling these up like I said I'm using I'm leaving the seeds in these if you prefer not to have any seeds feel free to remove those now that we have these filled looks like I have a little bit of leftover mix so I do have a couple more peppers we're going to do but rather than going back over it with shredded cheese I'm just going and go over the top of these with a little bit of the cheese that's left over here and then if we cook them it looks like we need to put a little bit more cheese now we could do it at that time but these look pretty good to me well throw these in the oven at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes this is what it looks like coming out of the oven I'm gonna go ahead and let it cool down for about 15 or 20 minutes I did make a sauce using the chile relleno sauce and some sour cream that we're gonna use on top of this but I don't want to put it on now because it's just going to end up melting it if I put it on now so we're gonna let this cool down and then we'll be back so I'm gonna give one of those poblanos on here we're gonna go with one of these quick little Chili Peppers now when we have that on there here's the sauce that I made with the chile relleno sauce and sour cream we're just going to go ahead and hit that a little bit now all we need to do is taste this and see what is up so this right here is a rap when I want you guys to do is run over and check out Alicia and best bites forever I'm telling you she has some good stuff on her channel like I said her informations in that part of book and description below let's get into this taste test can these are the best chile rellenos they nice and tender cheese is perfect milk good sauce on peppers got a little bit but not too much just perfect yeah this was a nice twist on her recipe nice clean flavor to this anyway thanks for somebody to barbecue I appreciate it comment subscribe and I'm out

How to make chile rellenos


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