How to Make Bitter Melon Juice | Diabetic Juice

Are you Suffering with Diabetes from long time you might use many Meditations and Treatements If you want to cure diabetes by simple and natural ways then watch this full video Bitter Gourd Juice Do You Know How Healthy bitter gourd juice for Diabetics it is one of the best juices that keep sugar levels in Control bitter gourd juice is very low in calories Rich in Vitamin C It Also Contain Vitamin A Together also all this compounds Bitter Gourd keeps blood sugar level in Control Let us Start the Preparation For this We Need Bitter Gourd , Ginger and Lemon Bitter Gourd : it lowers Blood Presser and Keep Blood Sugar levels in Control it is a Liver meditation stimulate digestion of carbohydrates boost immunity Bitter Gourd slows down the production of glucose and restrict the Growth of pancreatitis cancer cells it Removes toxin from the Body Lemon Juice : Lemon Juice is the power house of Vitamine C it is a Great anti Oxidant it helps to reduce blood sugar levels in the body Ginger : ginger is a it is a Great anti Oxidant it is a good appetizers Ginger enhances the taste of the Juice Take a Blender Jar and place Bitter gourd pices add ginger Lemon Juice and some water then blend well Filter the mixture in to a glass now bitter gourd juice is ready take this juice twice in a day to decrease Blood Sugar Levels and it controls sugar levels in your body Thank you for Watching This Video Like and Subscribe for More Videos


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