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diabetes diet should have at least two seasonal fruits on three visit Abel's in a diet plan though dry fruits may seem like a healthy snack it is not a good option for diabetics as the fructose can spike your sugar level go for fresh fruits rather than dry fruits for diabetes control but you can still opt for nuts as a healthy snack diabetes such as a diabetes diet should be high on fiber must contain milk without cream butter milk fresh seasonal fruits green vegetables it's a truck but remember to consume these components in moderation here is one of the best neutral healthy dry plants for diabetic people control diabetes lunch rice pull out this is exclusively for diabetic people for this we need cook it brown rice one cup beans cauliflower carrot corn e'en ginger garlic paste salt green chillies olive oil take a pan add some olive oil add all finely cut vegetables and cook for a few minutes add salt to taste add little ginger-garlic paste to it and mix well close the lid don't wobble cook we have two semi cook all the vegetables so that the nutrients will not be disturbed now add cooker boiled rice to vegetables brown rice regulates blood sugar levels and mix well take a serving plate and transfer visible out to eat and decorate with coriander by taking this in lunch you can feel full and at the same time it keeps your blood sugar levels in control bitter guard brown rice for diabetes for this special diabetes rice we need brown rice two cups chopped bitter gout one medium chopped onion one medium chopped garlic three class oil two teaspoons cumin seeds 1 TSP red chili 2 medium heat oil in a pan and add onions and then sought for a few minutes and our garlic cloves and red chili to it and sought well then add bit of God and fry for few minutes until slightly tender finally add pinch of salt for taste and salt for a few minutes then add cook add rice to this and mix well and simmer until heated through turn off the flame and then garnish with corriander leaves the abbot's patients can eat this bitter gourd rice as main meal you can add this in regular diet and get rid from diabetes diabetes friendly recipe this diabetic friendly recipe consists of high fiber and it is a gluten free recipe which helps to improve insulin sensitivity and prevents the frequent hunger pangs to make this healthy recipe we need words 1/2 cup Co hock 1/2 cup garlic paste mustard seeds curry leaves 2 green chilli chopped peanuts turmeric powder & oil take a pan and fry odds and fajas separately and put them aside now add required amount of oil now add 1 tablespoon of mustard seeds and 1 tablespoon of garlic paste to it and salt for 1 to 2 minutes green chillies chopped and curry leaves and sat for a few minutes now add 1/2 TSP of turmeric powder pinch of salt and peanuts and sat well for 2 to 3 minutes finally add words unco heart to this mixture and sad thoroughly then put low flame for few minutes and of the stout healthy recipe for diabetics now ready serve it in a bowl and enjoy instead of breakfast are also in snacks time thank you for watching this video like and subscribe for more videos you


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