Healthy Recipes for Dinner: Best Paleo Chil

hi this is steph gaudreau from stupideasypaleocom and today we're making my smokey beanless chili recipe

I love this recipe because you can make this in a slow cooker or in the instant pot and it's ready in no time There's almost no hands-on cooking involved and the flavors are so delicious and there's no beans so if you can't eat legumes you can't eat any kind of beans this is the recipe that you want to make The first thing I do is actually prep the bacon because we want to add the bacon as a crispy topping to give a little bit of texture and we also want the bacon fat to add that other smoky layer of flavor So I take about a half a pound of bacon, and I bake my bacon I just lay the bacon on the tray put it in the oven for about 15 minutes until it gets nice and crispy and I don't have to stand over the stove and deal with splattering bacon fat So baking your bacon is the way to go

Once the bacon is done cooking I take it out and I set the bacon aside for later so I can crumble it up as a topping I take the bacon fat and that's what I use to fry the ground beef in and it gives that smoky dimension of flavor So I take two pounds of grass-fed ground beef and I add that to the pan or in this case the instant pot And I'm going to just cook the beef in the bacon fat while the beef is cooking I throw the spices in So I'm going to add the smoked paprika and then to that I'm gonna add a little bit of ground chipotle pepper which adds a little bit of heat and then finally some chili powder

And that really rounds out the flavors Ahile the ground beef and the spices are cooking I use that extra time to chop up the vegetables that are going to go into this chili So the first is an onion we just dice that up and then I'm gonna add my two kind of secret ingredients The first is a sweet potato and I just cube that up and then I'm going to do the same thing to about a pound of butternut squash If you're looking to eyeball it it's about 1/2 of a large butternut squash

I just peel the squash and then dice those up When the ground beef is done cooking I throw the onion the sweet potato and the butternut squash into the instant pot And then I add ingredients that are gonna add some moisture to this chili A can of fire roasted diced tomatoes and again, it gives that charred, smoky edge I'm also gonna add a couple of tablespoons of tomato paste

And then I like to add a teaspoon of fish sauce You might be thinking fish sauce what the heck is up with that?? It makes it so delicious I can't even describe it You don't taste fish all you taste is a nice savory background of flavor I give everything a good stir so that everything is combined and then I'm gonna put the lid on the instant pot Manual for 10 minutes and that's it

Ten minutes and you have a delicious chili! I serve this with a little bit of green onion and that crumbled bacon on top and that's really it! For more recipes just like my smokey beanless chili, head over to stupideasypaleocom!


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