Healthy One Pot Quinoa Recipe | Episode 48

wooooo that escalated quickly it's still good it's just like a little extra flavor hello ladies and gentlemen my name is Alex welcome to my kitchen where we only cook healthy food that doesn't suck what we are working with today is quinoa broccoli onion cherry peppers roasted red peppers capers so naturally we're gonna be making like a Mediterranean style quinoa you need a pot got so many pot skills Oh get your pot hot knives not gonna do that same trick with the knife because that seems like asking for trouble I've got my onion I'm gonna take the skin off of it you are all garbage not you you guys aren't garbage the onion skin is garbage cut up your onion nice and small making the dice you know playing those dice I am the worst at craps I don't understand it oh I literally put money down and then they just take it away from me and I'm like oh that was fun but but not fun lets get some olive oil in our pot did I mentioned garlic because we need garlic you know what I made this the other day I roasted some garlic in the oven so I'm gonna use that so all you do to roast garlic is take the garlic it smells so good take the garlic cut the top of it off put it in a little foil drizzle some olive oil pack it up throw it in the oven 45 minutes to an hour and then you just squeeze it out so satisfying that's the stuff so if you're using raw garlic just chop it up put it in with the onions let's put the onions into the olive oil onions and garlic and turn that up a little all right now we need to get the accoutrements ready so we've got roasted red peppers here if you have sun-dried tomatoes use those too I like to get a plate out so I can just swoop it all in whoa really big using that these are red cherry peppers they are pretty spicy these are particularly made by my father-in-law he cans them every year so good but you can also just buy them at the store so I'm gonna do two of them the seeds are really the spiciest bit so if you want to like take some of the spice out avoid the seeds or just don't put them in at all because they are hot mix it up you've got to mix it up don't you know mix songs that are only popular in Staten Island when I started going to weddings in Staten Island everyone would be jamming to these songs and I'd be like this is not popular any anywhere but here salt pepper don't you know pump it up all right we've got our olives also annoying about there's a pit in these ones is there a device that you can purchase to get the pits out of these that isn't my fingers let me know in the comments below certainly not gonna put the pits into the thing cause that's asking for a tooth ache don't do this unless you're good at it I was doing this I work the other day with an apple and the guy was like oh my god how are you not cutting your finger off yo this is Grandma cutting style am i right have you ever seen a movie where a grandma cooks this is how she's cutting having to do it this way makes me wonder how many olives I actually need in here all I'm done all right let's cut up this red pepper and these cherry peppers now the last thing we need is just some capers did you know the capers are a berry all right let's get all this into our pot oh look at that beautiful juices give her a mixer ooh whoo that smells good alright you could add red pepper flakes but because I put two cherry peppers in I'm not going to okay let's see I'm eye balling this so 1/4 2/4 3/4 and you should always rinse your quinoa before you use it but this one is pre-washed win so I three quarters of a cup of quinoa and everything is kind of nicely coated but it's not like too much quinoa it's kind of like just the perfect amount of quinoa no I'm gonna do two quarters than the cup you could do water you could do chicken stock vegetable stock wine not saying it wouldn't work but I don't own any of those things so I'm just gonna use water one quarter cup two quarter cups I believe that's a half okay mix this all up like I'm like do I need the third quarter because technically quinoa is one-to-one but because we have so much liquid from the other stuff I think that it will be okay I'm gonna do like a lose like a half a quarter I don't know the mathematical term for that okay put this on the heat and bring it to a boil well that's going let's talk about this broccoli we're gonna add it kind of at the very end because I don't want it to get to like mushy you know what cancel the broccoli we're going spinach so we're gonna do spinach instead of broccoli cuz that'll cook in much easier I know everyone was really excited for the broccoli because who doesn't get excited for broccoli spinach is fun too okay guys don't think that spinach isn't as fun as broccoli because spinach is fun it's broccoli we all agree okay so it's come to a boil I'm just gonna give it one little mix up and then I'm gonna reduce the heat to low and cover it up for 10 to 15 minutes all right I've been simmering for about 10 minutes on low the way I like to check if it's done or not I have clear lids which makes it is easier but if I push it to the side and I can see water kind of pooling up I know it's not done because it hasn't all been absorbed yet by the quinoa so that needs a couple more minutes go we're cooked the quinoa is cooked let's add the spinach spinach in feels like too much spinach perhaps it will not be once it wilts we'll find out in a minute oops yep that was that's a lot I'm gonna put it back on the heat for just a minute so the spinach can wilt I have like a tiny bit of caffeinated tea today I am on fire okay so the spinach wilted up nicely and it's getting incorporated beautiful eh that's it dinner is done oh yeah look at that sexiness can you feel the sexy yeah steaming hot delicious quinoa Mediterranean style super quick and easy one dinner if you like this recipe be sure to check on the links below if you like cooking with me today be sure to like comment and subscribe if you have your own favorite one-pot meal let me know in the comments below I wanna make them and be sure to check out my online course for all of your health coaching needs and tons of other delicious healthy recipes okay this is way too hot to taste test but I'm gonna do it anyway got some spicy mm-maybe to cherry peppers was a lot I love this meal it's so good yeah you gotta try this we did good this is great that's all for today guys I will see you next time it's really spicy be careful oh the heat level this one's high the heat on this one is up there Oh


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