Greek Yogurt TFA – Review & Recipe (+ Spectrometry Analysis from Flavor Apprentice)

Hello and welcome to diy eliquid recipes Im john im a flavor compounder and today I have a detailed review of a very nice and creamy flavor

This is Greek yogurt from the flavor apprentice Before I start with the review I want to say that I already know that this flavor smells bad to a lot of people and they try avoid using it all together Since this is very normal to happen with greek yogurt I decided to do something today for the first time I will go over a mass spectrometry report of this flavor and quickly analyze each ingredient and find what each aroma brings in to the total flavor So starting if you put aside the cheese smell, greek yogurt is a very realistic and helpful flavor for diy eliquids

It tastes exactly how I would imaging vaping greek yogurt would taste It is slightly creamy, it is a thicker than usual flavor and it has a small amount of tang mixed together with the taste of aged milk Unfortunately though most of hese flavors don’t translate very well to vapor so if you tried using greek yogurt as your main or only cream you will most likely get a very cheesy vape and not so creamy how you would expect when usinga a flavor called yogurt So the best way to use greek yogurt is to add it to another creamy flavor and not the other way around And since we will see soon that this flavor has more than enough milk flavoring inside the best way to use it is not together with another cream but something that is naturally creamy without any milk or dairy

And of course that would be marshmallow flavor Use them together in a ratio of 2:1 so 2 parts marshmallow for every 1 part of greek yogurt and both of these flavors together will create the most realist yogurt vape possible Now lets take a look at the analysis of greek yogurt As you can see it is made out of 8 other aromas blended in to propylene glycol So the test found that there is about an 80% propylene glycol base, followed by an about 10% of vanilla flavor which is used here to mellow out the flavor of the creams, if you want more information about how that works I have a video called why vanilla fits in so well in everything,

Next there is about 1% of butyryl lactate which creates the milky undertones, then there is butanoic acid which creates the tang and sourness and last there is a a lot of lactic acid which is the aroma responsible for the cheesy or expired milk smell Now A little bit of lactic acid actually helps brighten up creams and make them, taste more real but at 10% used here I can see why some people can only smell expired cheese and not any of the other aromas included And then finishing there are the Maltol and ehyl lactate which is a sweeteners and smootheners, and after those, last there is some ethyl alcohol which is used as a flavor emulsifier to help blend all these different flavors together So what we can take out from this analysis We see that there is more than enough cream flavor coming out from the milk aromas used, so if you were to combine this flavor with another cream then you will most likely get a very strong cheese taste because you are combining the already high at 10% lactic acid with another cream that most likely also contains some lactic acid so in the end you will have something smelling very sour and appalling

So this conclusion is where I I based my original recommendation of using marshmallow instead of a cream together with the greek yogurt for the best experience possible Now if for some reason you want to try tfa greek yogurt solo, I would recommend using it from 2-4% for a light vape and from 4 up to 8% for a very cheese experience If you would like to make a quick recipe with this flavor here is a nice eliquid you can make All flavors used here are from TFA so Starting with 4% of marshmallow , 2% of greek yogurt , then 1% of meringue from,and now the fruits starting with 3% of strawberry ripe, 1% strawberry, just strawberry and 1% of dragon fruit together with 1% of sweetener mixed at 60%vg and 40%pg Let this recipe steep for about 10 days and give it a good shake every now and then to help speed up the blending process

It is a nice creamy and fruity recipes that vapes very smoothly, if you have peach or mango you can also use it instead of the strawberries As a summary I want to say that greek yogurt is an all around good flavor and a very realistic approach to the real yogurt taste But where this flavor shines is as a cream enhancer, you can never go wrong using greek yogurt that way just keep it at a minimal when first starting If you have been mixing with greek yogurt leave a comment and let us know how you like to use it inside your recipes As always thank you for staying until the end on a such a long video

And ill see you again next time


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