Greek Baked Fish or Chicken

We're going to do a simple Greek sauce with tons of flavor, a tomato-based sauce, and you can use this sauce over either boneless, skinless chicken or I prefer fish I like to use a nice black cod or thick cut of halibut or cod

Now if you're using fish rather than chicken, I dress it with a little lemon juice, the juice of one lemon, down over the top of big, meaty filets The first thing we're gonna tackle here is the side dish, Greek lemon potatoes So I have large russets and I kinda thick cut them, see, like about, oh I'd say between a quarter and a half an inch, and I season them liberally with salt and pepper, and I throw them in a roasting pan The oven is getting hot to 400 and they're gonna roast a whole hour Do not worry about over-roasting these

They just get better and better And your gonna douse these guys with tons of lemon juice, good olive oil, and here's the secret to Greek potatoes, a sprinkle of semolina It makes them, it makes such a difference While the potatoes are roasting you can start on the sauce and this is a very simple Greek tomato sauce, a little bit of olive oil, one onion, and a couple cloves of garlic, a little bit of oregano, sugar or a drizzle of honey, sun-dried tomato paste, a big bay leaf, fresh bay leaf, and a small piece of cinnamon stick or a sprinkle of cinnamon, and of course, the Greeks, like the Italians, love wine in everything, so, a little wine, (audience applauding) and then we're going to pour in our canned diced or crushed tomatoes, and just let this cook out and thicken up a bit When we come back I'll show you how to make an amazing, creamy, Greek ranch dressing, after this

(audience applauding) (upbeat music) So for our Greek baked fish or chicken, I've got my fish we were keeping chilled out in the fridge until we were ready to throw it into our hot oven and we're going to add our thick, tomato-y sauce down over the top of our chicken or fish Just spoon it right over and try and equally distribute it We've got our lovely lemony potatoes roasting away in our bottom oven (Rachel grunts) (audience applauding) I just sprinkle a little flat-leaf parsley on top of our Greek-style chicken or fish Everybody is going to rave about these potatoes

The secret to these extra crunchy, you can hear how crisp they are at the bottom of the pan, lemon potatoes, I think that's cool enough to touch now, look at the crust on there, is to sprinkle them with semolina after you dress them with a ton, two big lemons for every four potatoes, ton of lemon juice So there's our potatoes There's our fish, super healthy (audience applauding) (upbeat music) (chimes)


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