Give This Incredible Juice Cleanse Recipe A Try And Detoxify Your Kidneys!

Give This Incredible Juice Cleanse Recipe A Try And Detoxify Your Kidneys! In this article we are going to present you with several strategies and foods that are going to help the detoxification of an organ that is of key importance for you, and for your body as well This organ is responsible for cleansing your blood, controlling all systems in your body, and working in cooperation with all the other organs, particularly your liver, in order to optimize the different functions of your body

You have any idea which organ we are talking about? Fine, we are going to give you one more hint: you have two of them … Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about your Kidneys!!! We are going to start by listing a couple of signs that show that your kidneys have to be detoxified … Fatigue Eczema Bloating Mood Swings Unexplained Weight Gain All of the above listed occur as a consequence of a hormone imbalance in your body that is triggered when your kidneys are a bit “filthy” However, there is nothing to worry about as we are going to aid you cleanse them up in just a week Radish Radishes represent a natural detoxifier and diuretic as they can aid your body remove toxic substances from your kidneys and bloodstream Taking into consideration the fact that the kidneys act as a natural filter and can turn into a collection point for any toxic substances that are consumed, it is of great importance to aid the body cleanse them Watermelon Together with tomatoes, watermelon has elevated to the top of the line in studies that have been conducted recently on high-lycopene foods

Lycopene represents a carotenoid phytonutrient that is of key importance for our cardiovascular health, and more and more scientists nowadays believe that lycopene is essential for bone health as well Among whole, fresh fruits that are usually consumed in the US, watermelon now accounts for more US intake of lycopene, by weight of fruit consumed, than any other fruit Cucumber In order to avoid having a morning hangover or headache; you should eat a couple of cucumber pieces prior to going to sleep Cucumbers contain a sufficient amount of B vitamins, electrolytes and sugar that can help restock a lot of the indispensable nutrients, thus lowering the intensity of both headache and hangover Carrots The results from a ten-year study that was conducted in the Netherlands regarding the consumption of carrots and the risk of CVD, or cardiovascular disease, were fascinating

The consumption of fruits and vegetables in the study was categorized by color and focused on 4 color classifications: orange/yellow, green, white, and red/purple Out of these 4 categories, orange/yellow (and especially, foods that have deeper shades of orange and yellow) showed to be the most protective against CVD What was even more surprising was that carrots were established to be the most prominent member of this dark orange/yellow category of foods People who had the habit of consuming 50 or 75 grams more had an even more lowered risk of CVD! Parsley Studies show that parsley, its essential oil in particular, can help the prevention of cancerous tumors Actually, scientists have announced it a ‘chemoprotective’ food

Red cabbage Citrus fruits are known to be the best sources of vitamin C, therefore it may be a surprise to learn that one cup of sliced red cabbage contains 56% of the recommended daily intake of this important vitamin Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant, and it can therefore fight inflammation, as well as protect the cells from being damaged that in turn can trigger chronic health conditions, like heart disease Celery Some of the potential health beneficial properties that celery and its seeds have are the following: reducing the risk of cancer, lowering blood pressure, and preventing deterioration of the vision related to aging Here’s this juice recipe to detoxify and rejuvinate your kidneys!


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