French Onion Soup Recipe – How To Make Onion Soup – Slow Cooker Recipe

what's up everybody this is Lyle with no hippie BBQ what we doing in this video is I'm going to be making some Classic French onion soup and we're gonna be making it in our crock pot anyway I'm gonna have all the recipe ingredients all that stuff down the description below the first step I need to do is to caramelize our onions so we're going to be doing this in the crock-pot overnight now the recipe that I'm going to have in the description is going to be a little bit different than what I'm actually going with I am going to be going with more of a hearty french onion soup and I'm gonna be doubling up the onions the recipe I'm following has three onions I'm using six and I have three sweet onions and the reason I have it I have the rest of these chopped up but I want you guys to kind of see the difference these regular yellow onions are gonna be kind of round and the sweet onions are gonna be kind of a little bit more oblong and the only reason I'm showing this to you is I go to a market that doesn't have these listed is what they are so if you're in the same situation that's kind of how you tell the difference anyway to caramelize these onions I'm just gonna throw these onions in a crock pot with one stick of butter overnight a lot of times if you're gonna do this stovetop you're gonna add a little bit of brown sugar or something like that to help speed up the caramelization since this is going for at least eight hours we're not gonna have to worry about that anyway that's gonna be my first step I'm gonna go in through my butter in and my onions turn on my slow cooker on low and we're just gonna let it go we'll pick this up tomorrow and get into the rest of the ingredients then have been caramelizing in that slow cooker all night we'll get to those in a minute and all these amounts and ingredients for my french onion soup are going to be in the description so anyway our ingredients we have one bay leaf some flour garlic Wurster sauce I have some thyme rosemary mixture some burgundy wine some Parmesan cheese ooh and it hurt me to buy this Gruyere cheese that was some expensive stuff we got that and then I have some beef base and I have a French baguette and I'm going to throw this French baguette in the oven at like 250 degrees for about 10-15 minutes before we actually plate this up just to kind of give it a little bit firmer anyway those are our ingredients let's start mixing everything together let's start whipping this up so we have our caramelized onions in here I must say they look pretty good let's go ahead and throw in some flour stir this in alright let's go with our werster sure our garlic our herbs all right now our beef stock now I have a video on homemade beef stock I'm going to leave that in my cart above I'll take a look at that if you want to make it from scratch but this just happens to be that better than bullion beef base that you can buy I really like that a lot I got that announced time for our burgundy wine and our bay leaf just give it a quick little stir I'm gonna let this cook for about 5-6 hours French onion soup is done here's what it's looking like right here have to say that looks delicious still got that bay leaf floating around in there but I'll keep my eye on that it's time to go ahead and start getting this plated up so I have a piece of this bread at the bottom of each one of our little serving dishes and we're just going to go ahead and hit it with some of our soup and I have my soup in a casserole dish just so I don't have to worry about any bubbling over or spilling or anything like that all right I'm gonna go ahead and move my crock-pot and we'll finish these up let's finish them up so we're just gonna go ahead and hit it with another piece of this French baguette that we have here I'm gonna go over it with some of our freshly grated Parmesan cheese don't have to be shy some of our Greer cheese definitely not gonna be shy with this now this is gonna go in the oven under broil for four to five minutes or until we start getting some nice bubbly cheese on top of this here's what they're looking like coming out of the oven I'm gonna go ahead and let these cool down a little bit then we'll taste it so this right here is a wrap let's get into this homemade soup recipe and see we think about it now if you don't want to go spin all that money on that gray air teeth I'm not you know I don't think it would be a whole lot worse with you know some other kind of a chief substitution maybe even just all parmesan but maybe it might be a little creamier with this career either way guerrier no Guerrier whatever kind of cheese you want this is a winner knock it out in your crock-pot or on your stove I like to thank you guys for some buy no hippie BBQ I appreciate it Easy Soup Recipes How To make French Onion Soup


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