French Crepes Recipe – Easy To Make Jam Filled Fruit Crepes – Fusion Recipe For Kids Tiffin Box

Hi, welcome to Kissan tiffin time table I'm Shagun it's a new day but the question still remains What to give in the tiffin box? Well that is why India's most loved chefs have come together with 200 different recipes for 200 school days So today I'm going to show you how to make Jam and Fruit crepes

It's an occasional treat, but it's full of wholesome ingredients So let me show you how to make "Har Din Naya Tiffin Har Din Empty Tiffin" So I'm ready to make my crepes and first things first, we shall make the batter About a cup of flour, I've got 2 eggs they both go in I've got some coconut milk here, so that's half a cup of coconut milk gone in So I'm going to add half a cup of water To this I'm going to add a pinch of salt and some oil So I'm ready to start making these crepes Switch on my flame

and the first thing that I do is I pour about 2-1/2 to 3 tablespoons of crepe So you can try and control the shape and the thickness and now I need to flip it over I'm ready to take it out My crepes come on my chopping board and here I have the Kissan mixed fruit jam This gives a beautiful fruity aroma and children love the taste of it

So I'm going to spread the jam As a mother it's very important for me to make sure that my child also gets some fresh fruits in and hence I've got some chopped Kiwis So that's a little surprise inside these beautiful jam and coconut crepes and I have some pineapples and it's time for me to roll them So my crepes are ready and ready to be put inside my tiffin box So beautiful, smells so delicious In order to complete my tiffin, I have also got some butter and chutney sandwiches and some brain food, walnuts


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