Effective Recipe For Cure Diabetes

diabetic snack bitter gout cutlet bitter melon also known as bitter gout or is a unique vegetable fruit that can be used as food or medicine bitter gourd lowers blood glucose as it contains a chemical called keratin which reduces high blood glucose levels so it is very good for diabetic persons bitter gourd influences glucose metabolism all over the body not like the other medical drugs which are effective only in one target organ or tissue you can take bitter gourd juice every morning on an empty stomach to lower down the blood sugar or you can take bitter gourd in any form either in curries or in any snack here we are going to make a diabetic snack with a bit of gout for this we need 1/2 cup grated bitter groud 1 my fourth cup grated carrot 1 by 4 cup low-fat pani 1 my fourth cup bread powder 2 spoons coriander leaves and salt to taste green chillies paste 1 spoon oil for toasting now let us see the preparation take about take grated bitter gourd and squeeze water from it and place it in a bowl now add grated carrot grated honey and bread powder mix coriander chili paste salt and mix all them well now make cutlets out of them take a pan add some oil and place cutlets on it and toast both the sides place them on a serving plate yummy yummy delicious healthy bitter gout cutlets already you can check them in between your five meals when you feel hungry by taking these diabetic snacks you can reduce high blood sugar levels thank you for watching this video like and subscribe for more videos


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