Easy To Make Chocolate Cake Recipe

hi everyone welcome back to our Channel today we are going to share with you as we promised our special easy to make chocolate cake recipe so we have the ingredients right here in front of me we have 200 grams of flour 300 grams of sugar 200 grams of plain chocolate we have 200 grams of unsalted butter we have 1 spoon of vanilla essence 10 grams of baking powder 2 spoons of cocoa powder we have 4 eggs from here we have 250 ml of water some grated coconut for decorating and a pinch of salt so we start by taking four eggs we will separate the white from the yolk put the white here because we have to mix the white I'll add a pinch of salt to the egg white and then we whisk fully the egg white to be fluffy and proper sticking to the bottom of the bowl so we have to keep this in the fridge for about 15 minutes so first thing we need to add the butter off to the pan together with the sugar the water and we also add the cocoa powder we take a whisk and very gently we mix this all together until the butter melts and the sugar melts we need to add this baking powder to the flour and just mix it Keep this on the side and last but not least we need to add this vanilla essence to the mix it will take a while for the butter to melt on a slow heat this will be fine this is Mountain the bottom and the sugar are melted we need to put it on the side and let this cool down before we add the egg yolk you don't want the egg yolk to be cheesy so it just has to be cooled down by the time this is cooling down we can melt the chocolate so put this on a slowly make the water very hot first we can melt the chocolate for our topping the best chocolate to use here is dark chocolate you can use milk chocolate if you want if you don't have the dark chocolate while the chocolate is melting and while the mix is cooling down we're going to prepare the pan the tray for the chocolate so we have here a tin we need to cote this with butter I think this is fine the chocolate is melted we're just going to put you on the side now just to help this mix to cool down you can start this gently so our mix is cool I'm just going to take the egg yolk and add them one by one and mix them well yeah now the next step is which is the flower so now very gently and little by little add the flower mix it in here very very nice we don't mix too quick and too much just as much as is necessary but you do have to make sure there no flour lumps in here so just mixing as much as it's necessary okay I think is done now we take out the whisk and we need a spatula for the next step we take a flat spatula and next step is we need to add the eggs and we add this to the mix a little by little and now you have to fold this form together with the mixture the foam is very important as it makes that the cake rise nicely this is almost ready we got a visitor right here I think she is very impatient to have a taste are you Amina can you just need to wait for a while all right okay okay this is ready now we're just going to add this to the tin okay it's just perfect amount I'm just breaking the extra bubbles we have here we have preheated the oven on 180 degree Celsius so we're ready to put this in are you ready Amina so let's put it in the oven so we keep that in the oven for about 25 to 30 minutes after 25 minutes I'm gonna check so if you're watching this video I'm assuming you want to make a cake for whatever reason it is I personally like to make my own cake I personally like to to choose my ingredients choose my toppings my family life's done too so you guys can let me know in the comments what which cake would you prefer the one from the supermarket what's the pros what's the cons and which one is your favorite and what's your favorite toppings to add to the cake so the cake is ready make sure you cool it down before you take it out of the 10 and now I'm gonna I'm going to transfer this onto a plate so making my cake it took about 40 minutes because I had quite a deep tin if you have a thinner tin then it will take 25 to 30 minutes so we took it out of the oven and we let it cool down for about 15 minutes now it's time to decorate it okay so we just decorate , we just for this chocolate on top first I make a nice thin layer of chocolate and now with the rest of the chocolate on just try to put some on the sides now we take some grated coconut and I'm just going to sprinkle this on top as much as you want and much as you think you'd like this was our easy chocolate cake recipe make sure you try it for yourself if you do that doesn't know how it was and if you don't like our recipe give it a thumbs up and don't forget to share with your friends thank you for watching and see you in the next video


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