hey everyone and welcome back to my channel in today's video we're making some really easy simple delicious meals to show you that healthy eating it doesn't have to be complicated and it doesn't have to have a bunch of funny ingredients subscribe if you haven't already and let's jump in so the first thing we're making are these shrimp the pseudos I'm starting off with some avocado oil in a pan because it has a higher smoke point so it doesn't burn create free radicals along with some garlic and red pepper flakes the red pepper flakes do make it a little bit spicy so if you're not into spice you can leave that out then I'm adding in some shrimp and you want to make sure your shrimp are wild-caught shrimp this applies to actually all seafood not just shrimp but even salmon it always has to be wild never ever farmed once those are done you'll know because they turn pink I'm scooping those out so that we can cook our pseudos so these are ones I have pre spiralized you can also just spiralize them yourself or buy them spiralize already and I'm gonna start cooking them down in the left over kind of like juice and broth because it just gives it so much flavor and we have all that flavor there once the zoodles are kind of wilted and cooked down I add my shrimp back in and there you go guys it's super simple I threw a little parsley on the top but as you guys can see this you can make in less than 15 minutes it's nutritious and it's delicious next up we're making a Mediterranean Bowl so I'm starting off by cooking some chicken and I'm adding in some is at our slaves I think that's how you say it it's like a middle eastern Mediterranean type spice I got it at Whole Foods you can get it at Trader Joe's Amazon and I'm taking some butter lettuce you can take your favorite type of green along with some tomato and just chopping that up so that we can put it on the side of our bowl and I feel like the combo that I'm gonna put in this bowl is just very what I see like Mediterranean so we have some cucumber as well throwing that in to the bowl and again I'm choosing very basic vegetables that I know that a lot of people can get and they're not super complicated once your chicken is done I'm putting about 4 ounces on to my salad in case you guys are wondering how much protein a scoop of hummus you can make your own but you can buy really simple good ingredient hummus at the grocery store a little bit of parsley some paprika and some of my green free crackers that you guys have seen me make you can also do just any kind of cracker that you have I like the crunch too with the hummus and the tomato the cucumber and like I said super simple to whip up in so much flavor and lastly we are making this a foil pack so I'm starting off with some broccoli if you don't like broccoli you can literally do whatever vegetable you like in this floral black that's what's great about it I'm just showing you a really simple easy way to make a bunch of meals so then I'm taking some chicken sausage again I'm trying to change up the different kind of proteins I have so they don't get tired of one throwing on my broccoli and then I'm adding in some a butternut squash kind of adds a complex carb add some color and I've been on a butternut squash cake lately so you take that and you foil fold the foil pack and kind of make a pouch for it you want to make sure the steam stays in so you really want to roll the top and then roll the sides because that's what helps it really cook then we're just gonna throw it into the oven at 400 for half an hour and everything is cooked so what I like about bass is you can make a bunch of different foil packs you can make one for each meal change that the veggies change at the protein but it's super simple you can throw them whatever kind of seasonings you like or just have it nice and steamed so I hope you guys enjoyed these really easy healthy recipes if you make them be sure to tag me on Instagram and lots of it back to school or like healthy lunch snack for school and work are coming really soon so stay tuned for that and I'll see you in my next video bye guys


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